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How Nicola Cornick Merges Two Loves: History and Writing

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The life of a writer can be a strange business. Frequently people assume it’s a glamorous job; they imagine a world of book launches and literary parties with a few words thrown down on paper in between. It can be seen as arcane and exciting and if you tell people it is 90 percent solitary, spent at your computer, dressed in pajamas or your dog-walking clothes, they nod and smile and don’t believe you. I didn’t believe it myself until I gave up my job as a university administrator to be a full-time author, fifteen years ago. The first three silent months were absolute bliss. Then I started to feel lonely. That was the moment when I realized that I…

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The Voice of Dunn Books: Peter Heather, author of The Fall of the Roman Empire

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ADAM DUNN is the author of the novels Rivers of Gold, The Big Dogs, and Saint Underground, the forthcoming novel The Unfathomable Deep, and co-writer (with Eric Anderson) of the forthcoming novel Osiris. He spent years as a freelance writer cultivating networks among the military, intelligence, law enforcement, and financial communities. His byline has appeared in 18 publications in 4 countries. Including: CNN and BBC News (online); Inc., Paper, SOMA, and Publishers Weekly magazines (glossy); and the San Francisco Chronicle and South China Morning Post (newsprint). He and his family have left New York City. PETER HEATHER is a leading academic authority and historian on the Roman Empire and author of The Fall of the Roman Empire. He is a professor…

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