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Your Throat – The Source of Your Creative Writing

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Your throat is centered between the energies of your mind and body. If the two are out of sync you will not communicate clearly. To unfold the energies from your throat you must first realize its powerful influence on you. In the throat, you hold your resonance with the outside world. Everything is rhythm and frequency from here. The term “we are on the same wavelength” suggests that with proper toning and rhythm you can lock into a stabilizing, energetic form with the rest of the world. When you reach a state of resonance you are in the groove and every cell in your body is in sync. This is the perfect place in which to write and share your…

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Your relationship and your waistline: a love story?

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Valentine’s Day is upon us, and with it comes the boxes of chocolates, the pink-frosted cupcakes, the bottles of champagne. Sometimes it seems like just being in a committed relationship can be hazardous to your health. It can work the other way, though: your partner can help you get fit. A reader could be forgiven for mistaking Love Me Slender (Touchstone, February) for just another diet or weight-loss book. The authors, however—Thomas N. Bradbury, PhD and Benjamin R. Karney, PhD—are experts on relationships and marriage, not diet or exercise, and the book reflects the depth of their knowledge. The premise of the book (that couples can team up to more effectively adopt healthy habits) is based on extensive research. According…

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