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5 Free Books for Fans of Romance

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There’s something romantic about the change in the season, which is causing us to reach for our favorite romance novels. For those with an e-reader who are looking to start a new romance novel, why not dig into the start of a romance series that will instantly have you addicted as well as cost nothing to start? We have some suggestions for five romance novels that kick off some great series that you can get for free on your Kindle. Tabitha, Vikki Kestell This first novel in the Girls from the Mountain series revolves around the life of the fiery-tempered Tabitha Hale, who works as a nurse helping people all the time. But will her temper get in the way of her…

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Diagnosing Literary Characters, One Murderer at a Time

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Murder is contextual. Meaning, the action of killing by itself tells us nothing about underlying motivation. A murder in war, for example, has an entirely different motive than a serial killer’s compulsive, methodical kills. It’s apples and oranges, really: both fruit on the outside, but very different on the inside. If we want to understand the mind of a murderer, real or fictional, we need to understand motivation. Truth is, murderers have motivations for their kills and they usually have a moral code, too. A skewed moral code, but it’s one which makes their kills make sense to them, nonetheless. And hey, when you’re driven to kill, who cares what everyone else thinks. Right? These three fictional villains certainly don’t.…

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