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Past, Present and Future of the Planet Earth by Lawrence A. Stellato Sr.

I’ll bet it would have been fun knowing Lawrence A. Stellato Sr. in college. He took courses in theology, sociology, finance, economics and other subjects like everyone else. And, as one is supposed to do with all that accumulated knowledge, he thought about things and came up with theories of his own.

Maybe you couldn’t have predicted that Stellato was going to write a book and share his opinions on the birth and growth of intelligent life on our planet, and the subsequent development of the species.

And he was going to tackle that bear in 140 pages!


The result is Past, Present and Future of the Planet Earth, a lofty title and neat little narrative on how our world got started, how it progressed, where it is today and some of the macro challenges ahead. He addresses everything including but not limited to culture, economy, religion, trade, nature, societies, ownership, territorial rights, overpopulation and ethics.

Says Stellato, “The writers of religious books, philosophers and storytellers from the earliest days give us clues to help understand the theater in which we live. Historians, scientists and others offer additional clues… But I have not seen anything written or anyone who has helped us to understand the true meaning of it all. In fact, [existing explanations] tend to exaggerate the differences between us and have given us additional reasons to fight among ourselves.” Though brief, this book aims to present vital information about our world without the biases of competing scientific practices or belief systems.


That doesn’t mean the book is necessarily exhaustive, but the start of a larger conversation. The author is the first to admit, “Anyone who tells you that they know a great deal about the universe in which we live is not being honest… It is so vast that it is not only beyond our vision but likely beyond our imagination.”

As an example of its narrative, one topic the author addresses is the subject of globalization. While he sees it as a natural step toward a peaceful coexistence of people on the planet, he does not see it happening. “This is certainly a well-intentioned idea but unfortunately not one that Planet Earth is ready to accept.” He does not envision forcing different cultures, value systems and beliefs of one set of people on the others. What he does see happening around the world and within specific governments is the use of force and power to impose the will and philosophy of its leaders on its people, which helps explain some of the conflict.

In Past, Present and Future of Planet Earth, Lawrence A. Stellato Sr. provides readers with some provocative concepts, Big Picture topics and independent analysis and suggestions. It offers a bite-sized education and summary hard to imagine in such a short work but very effective in its execution.

Stellato’s hope is that in examining these topics and some ideas around why there is so much conflict in the world, that we can improve the way we live instead of increasing the conflict.

“People will come together on how best to coexist in the long run on their own without being pressured. We just may not be around to see it.”


About Lawrence A. Stellato, Sr.:

Author Lawrence A. Stellato Sr. was born and educated in New York. He wrote his first book at the age of 80 years old after three successful previous careers. In his first career, he spent 20 years with major corporations, 12 years in publishing and the last seven years at Readers Digest.

In this, his first book, he explores many theories regarding the birth and development of intelligent life that will be considered radical and in contrast with many of today’s beliefs. Ideas presented about the development of present-day government formation, sociology, culture and economics are thought-provoking and raise valid questions considering the condition of the world in which we live today.

Lawrence has also written a number of articles for publication, and a collection of them will be the subject of his upcoming second book to be available soon.

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Past, Present and Future of the Planet Earth by Lawrence A. Stellato Sr.
Author: Lawrence A. Stellato Sr.
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