Avner Ehrlich is one of the premier agents of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency and no stranger to putting himself at risk to protect his country. When confronted by a highly sophisticated, virtually undetectable enemy, Ehrlich must sacrifice more than he imagined in order to stop this new foe. In a particularly tense moment, after being kidnapped by the enemy, he must manage to find his own escape in addition to trying to save the life of his partner. Using his strength and intelligence, Agent Ehrlich locates something that can help him: 

“I pulled an RPG out of one of the crates and armed it. Then I reconsidered and pulled out three more launchers, armed them and placed them on the floor beside me. Then I waited. If I blew the door now, I’d be putting Ami in immediate mortal danger. Several more minutes elapsed before the vehicles came to a stop and I could make out the sound of approaching steps. I tightened my grip on the launcher and tried to recall the last time I’d fired one of these.”

Moments of unimaginable tension like this one can be found throughout The Danger Within (eBookPro Publishing). Author E.L. Pini draws on his own military experience to create scenes that are as intense as they are detailed. The model of weapons used in combat, the types of explosives used in bombing missions, and the tactics for hand-to-hand combat are each described to generate vivid, intricate scenes in which the action takes place. The gunfire, punches and destruction jump from the page in a special way in the more exciting moments of this story. 


In the tradition of James Bond and The Bourne Identity, Pini weaves a tale that is not only entertaining but tells a deeper story. The main character, Agent Ehrlich, has lost his only son who was just beginning his military service. The tragedy fractures Ehrlich’s psyche as well as his marriage and has compromised him in other ways that are revealed throughout the story. The story’s supporting characters help Ehrlich in both completing his missions and dealing with his grief. 

The author paints a picture of a man who is struggling with this immense loss but still manages to look out for the good of those around him and fulfill his duty to the country that he loves. Between the scenes of explosive action, Pini offers some important moments of reflection such as this: 

“Time doesn’t heal. It’s really quite the opposite. The pain of the grief, of missing him, grew sharper and cut deeper with every passing day. I hugged the rock [marking his son’s grave] as hard as I could, but the pain wouldn’t stop.”

Another notable cast member in this epic intelligence story is Anna, a clever nurse with a troubled family history that she must overcome in order to assist the Israeli intelligence service in their mission to stop terrorism. She is a dynamic character who faces extreme danger to feed information to Agent Ehrlich in his attempt to uncover his invisible enemy. 


Surprisingly, one of the more entertaining characters in The Danger Within is the Al-Qaeda commander Imad Akbariyah who formulates a plan to strike targets around the globe with explosives that are virtually undetectable. While certainly not a figure that the reader will be cheering for, Imad is a devious villain who always seems to be a step ahead of Ehrlich in his relentless efforts to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. Imad orchestrates his own death at one point in the novel, becoming an even greater threat to the peace that Ehrlich tries to protect. 

Intense action, vivid detail and powerful reflections are just a few of the elements that make Pini’s The Danger Within an exceptional spy thriller. Those who enjoy a tight, fast-moving story with multiple challenges and complications will appreciate the complex plot that Pini has put on the page. The Danger Within features a troubled hero, an outstanding supporting cast and a devious villain that all come together to create an exciting, explosive tale.

The Danger Within is available for purchase here.

About E.L. Pini:

After completing three years of military service in an IDF special unit, E.L. Pini went to London, where he studied scriptwriting and took on various jobs employing his unique skill set — bodyguard, bouncer, photographer and even getaway driver (for which he has yet to suffer consequences). He later found some success as a screenwriter for advertisements and documentaries. These days, Pini likes to spend his free time cooking, listening to operas and rock-crawling with his modified Jeep.