“Beautifully written. … Full of gems of knowledge. … Truly gives you an elevated sense of living life that we should embrace.” —Heather, Amazon reviewer

“Helps you gain the confidence you need to navigate the world and your relationships through the eyes of God. … You deserve to be treated the way God intended!” —Cathy F., Amazon reviewer

“Gets to the center of God’s love and hopes for his daughters while serving as a great reminder for both men and women of how God intended the relationship dynamic to operate. …Uplifting.” —Allyssa L., Amazon reviewer

“A book that everyone needs to read; not for women alone, but for men who yearn to understand women better. … There is powerful, life-changing information in this book.” —Peter Okonkwo, Amazon reviewer


Are you struggling with who you are? Do you feel like things are not going right in your life? Do you compare yourself to others and feel like you are missing something? Do you lack confidence in yourself or feel unsure of your life’s purpose?

If there is one gift you can give yourself in the face of such challenges, it is this: God’s Gift (Woman).

In the pages of this book, you will discover, through His own words, the value that God places on women, and why it’s so important to unlearn the things you may have been taught, explicitly and implicitly, about women’s roles and purpose in society. You will learn how you can get your power back — the power that the devil thinks he’s stolen from you.

God wants and needs an open dialogue with you so you can learn and grow toward the unique purpose you were born to fulfill. You’ll learn how to establish a better relationship with the Creator so he can be your guide.

God’s Gift (Woman) will also help you with your relationships with other people, especially in discerning healthy ones from unhealthy ones. You will learn what to look for in a partner so you can attain the lifelong love and respect you so desire. No longer will you feel the need to settle for less.

Know who you are and your value in Christ. Take the journey. It is never too late to make a change.

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