A.F. Agui


Creating art through poetry and writing words to reach souls.

A.F Agui is the name. Pen name? Maybe. Birth name? Probably. Agui started his writing journey in his early teens. He viewed it as a form of art, and he wanted to be in the mix, to create his own art and add to the artistic world. So, he did. Later, in his early twenties, he discovered there was more to it than just beauty. He realized the simplicity of putting ink to paper was more than just symbols with meaning. The simplicity came with complexity because art became a form of expression. Agui likes to give life to the pages he touches. He knows those pages can carry more human emotions than words can explain. He believes written words can reach souls, and he intends to.

To learn more about A.F. Agui, visit his website here. Also check out our review of his poetry collection, Fire and Harmony, here.


Fire and Harmony (2021)

Your biggest literary influences: 

Piri Thomas, Kate Elizabeth Russell, Mike Greenberg, David Bach, Jayson Greene, Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Kalanithi

Last book read:

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell

The book that changed your life:

I can’t really say a book changed my life. But one book that has had a significant impact has been Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It provided a foundation. I knew change was necessary to achieve goals and the book provided information that helped me more or less see where I had to make those changes.

Your favorite literary character:

It’s hard for me to have one favorite character. Once I start a new read, I become the character from the story. I wear the character’s shoes and walk its path.  

Words to live by:

“Do what you can, when you can, with what you can.”

Advice for aspiring authors:

Push. Go for it. You can do it. It’s a scary road, but you have it in you to make of your art as you wish.