“Oh, the places you’ll go,” a wise doctor and author of children’s books once declared, “soaring to high heights and seeing great sights to being left in a Lurch on a prickle-ly perch.” 

While the Seuss classic is a means to discuss life’s ups and downs, young author Marissa Donapel has taken the title more literally in her engaging and globe-hopping tale for children ages 6 to 8, Around the World with Remy and Fox.

“No matter who you are or where you come from, adventures are limitless when it comes to imagination,” Donapel says. “So even when you are trapped indoors you can discover fantastic locations right from your home.”

That’s the case for the two animal friends Remy and Fox, bored by the rain keeping them inside but imaginative enough to create their own trip around the world. In a flash, Remy jumps into a carton which becomes a mode of travel on an extensive and educative journey.


Each “stop” along the way is full of fun facts for readers, who in Mexico will get a taste of tacos with chorizo and adobada, hear classic Mariachi music and even see a glimpse of a Pueblo Magico city painted all yellow.

Next stop is London; they’re traveling to Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Fleet Street, the West End and Big Ben. 

The book is full of colorful illustrations that give readers the flavor of all the travelers’ destinations, which include France, Italy, Spain, Japan and China. The author details each country with the food, culture, sights and sounds to bring them to life for young children who likely have not experienced the real places yet.


Donapel writes in a clear, simple style for children to follow, making the many attractions that are introduced easy to grasp and helping children gain elementary-level literacy skills.

Just as Remy and Fox use their imaginations to paint a delightful picture of the world, so too might the book encourage the creativity of young readers; they just might have an old cardboard box (or is it a plane or a train?) of their own lying around the family room and so begin adventures that only their minds can concoct.

For a lesson on how to think for yourself, create your own fun and glimpse some of the great cultures of our world, pick up Around the World With Remy and Fox and see the places your children are about to explore.

Marissa Donapel is a Philadelphia artist who studied at Drexel University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design with a minor in Fine Arts. Originally entering Drexel as a film major, Marissa has taken her passion of creative storytelling down a new path, pursuing the ways design can help others. When she’s not hunched over at her easel painting or tapping away at HTML code, Marissa can be found hanging out with her cats, playing the latest video game craze, and enjoying a hot cup of Earl Grey tea.