Tammy Spears


Poet who writes heartfelt pieces to inspire others

Tammy Spears is the author of an inspirational poetry book Flutter of an Eye which was published through iUniverse of Bloomington, Indiana. The book was written and dedicated in memory of her beautiful mother Diana Hullings who passed away at the young age of 61 from lung cancer. Tammy’s poem “Flutter of an Eye” has also been published in Upon Arrival: Interlude by Eber & Wein Publishing, as well as in the January 2021 edition of Neighbors of Bowling Green Magazine with others being published in future editions throughout the coming year.

She also has a small business called Poetry Pantry LLC in which she incorporates her poems on laser-engraved plaques that can be personalized with the picture of a loved one. In 2018, she had the opportunity to be a part of a movie directed by John D. Hancock called The Girls of Summer as the Craft Service Manager and an extra.

Tammy’s book of poetry contains inspirational poems on the topics of love for a mother, a mother’s love, blessings in life, love of family, love to share, God’s gifts and blessings, honoring the military, life experiences, seasons of change, memories of a loved one, reminiscing and cherishing precious time, and love of a child and spouse. 

The one message Tammy would like to convey to her readers is to cherish life and the many blessings God sends your way. “Dream, Dream, Dream;” you can make your dreams a reality! (This was taken from one of her book’s poems, “Dream.”)

Tammy hopes her poetry will touch your heart and soul as it did when she was writing it. 


Flutter of an Eye (2018)

Your biggest literary influences:

Mitch Albom 

Currently working on: 

A sequel called Fluttering On, meaning our Mother is Fluttering On with us as we are Fluttering On without her, is ready for publication. 

Words to live by: 

Cherish this beautiful gift of life and all of the blessings God sends your way!

As the titles of my inspirational poems would suggest, we only have “One Life” to live, make an “IMPACT” while you can, “Reach for Hope” when in need, “Come Together” and “Lend a Hand” to make a difference,  “Cherish the Memories,” “Precious Time” and all of “Life’s Blessings” God sends your way “Year After Year.” Won’t you “Take me With You” on the “Walk” of life’s journey? 

Advice for aspiring authors: 

Pursue your writing as an author if it is a passion, and make your “dream” come to light!


Flutter of an Eye is a short collection of poems written by Tammy Spears in homage to her mother, who recently passed away in 2007 from lung cancer. The chronology order of the poems reflects the last two stages of the grievance process: depression, and acceptance. The first arrangement of poems reflects memories of the poet’s mother and the poet’s future without her. Towards the end of the book, the poet reflects on the blessings she has in this life. Flutter of an Eye is meant to help and inspire those who have lost a loved one.”
— The New England Book Critic, Amazon reviewer

“Verified and highly recommended.” Alignable.com