“An exciting, fast-paced book … each chapter leaves you wanting to see what happens next.” 
— Joe R, Amazon reviewer

“What a ride! I haven’t been this glued to a book in years.” 
— Lynn McKamey, Amazon reviewer


We first meet Master Sergeant Roman Keane, the protagonist of Harry Harrigan‘s The Road King Chronicles: Blue Ridge Run, in his favorite place in the world: speeding along the highway on his motorcycle.

Keane is finally retiring after 23 years in the Army, looking forward to spending time on his bike and soaking in the freedom of the open road, but fate has other plans for him. As he’s riding along Route 81, at the Georgia–South Carolina border, Keane spots a woman’s bloodied foot in the back window of the van in front of him. Faced with the terrifying prospect of an innocent person in trouble, Keane decides to follow the van to investigate.

The journey that unfolds is anything but the solitary retirement Keane had been planning on, and the woman in the van isn’t the only person who ends up needing Keane’s help. As the mysteries — and the dangers — keep piling up, a unique and exciting cast of characters find themselves entangled in the story’s web, from Keane’s twin brother Virgil, a Jesuit priest operating a halfway house, to Winter Rose Ridge, a Cherokee pilot who’s just as deft on a motorbike as Keane. But finding the truth and saving his friends just might force Keane to confront the painful secrets of his tormented childhood that he had long since buried.

Blue Ridge Run is the first book in Harry Harrigan’s “Road King Chronicles” series, and the author taps his own military experience to craft this vivid thriller about Roman Keane and his fellow soldiers on a search for justice. Harrigan served as an officer in the Army and in the Commission Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as qualifying as a Ranger and a helicopter pilot — he has even dedicated 10 percent of the series’ net proceeds to be donated to charities serving veterans and children.

Fast-paced and full of adventure, readers have compared Harrigan’s “Road King Chronicles” series to books by James Patterson, Dean Koontz and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

From the very first page, the reader is thrust onto the highway and into the action — and the story never slows down. (A fair warning to queasy readers, though, as there are a few gory scenes.) For fans of suspense and plot twists, Blue Ridge Run manages to pull off a handful of interesting surprises as it hurtles toward its conclusion, culminating at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle parade in Washington, D.C. And for anyone looking for an action-packed read, the novel feels just as fast-paced and thrilling as one of Keane’s own high-speed bike chases.

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Harry Harrigan was born in Tokyo in 1949 and has been on the move ever since. He’s lived in Florida, Washington, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as Germany and Australia. Harry’s military career included service as an officer in the Army and in the Commission Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Before retiring as a Commander, Harry qualified as a Ranger and helicopter pilot.

Following his service, Harry embarked on a second career has an underwater photographer and travel writer. His work was published in hundreds of articles for Skin Diver, Sport Diver and Alert Diver magazines.