“Ready a tall tankard of mead and brace yourself for a culinary journey to match any quest!”
— Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine


Since its creation in 1974, the fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons has challenged players to push the boundaries of their imaginations. Over the last 46 years, the game has emerged from the depths of parents’ basements and entered what we might call a mainstream nerd culture. Now a more inclusive game than ever before, featuring characters in a variety of skin colors, body types and sexual orientations while banishing sexist rules and artwork, D&D adventurers continue to push boundaries and expand this multiverse.

Taking hours of careful planning to execute and featuring intricate storylines, the game itself may exist in the minds of its players, but it’s hardly a surprise that the D&D world would seep into our realm on occasion. Sure, players don’t need to wear costumes or use props while playing, but the addition of such real-world elements makes the experience that much more fun. So, before you grab your 20-sided die and summon your dungeon master for that next campaign session, level up your gameplay dishes with a recipe from Heroes’ Feast: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook (Ten Speed Press).

Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson and Michael Witwer, the author team behind the bestselling Dungeons & Dragons Art and Arcana, have put their D&D expertise together once again to bring you 80 magical recipes developed by a professional chef that are perfect for fantasy lovers. With snacks, entrees, desserts and delicious brews inspired by the unique culinary creations and traditions of their favorite fictional cultures, Heroes’ Feast is a tasty guide for adventurers of every species, class and skill level. 

Using ingredients readily available in this world, these recipes conjure flavors enjoyed by elves, dwarves, humans and halflings in the D&D multiverse:

Snack on Elven Marruth, bite-sized pastries stuffed with seasoned vegetables; Dwarven Flatbread to accompany spreads and cheeses; and Hogs in Bedrolls, small sausages wrapped in a buttery pastry. Vegetarian and meat-eating adventurers can both enjoy hearty meals such as Drow Mushroom Steaks, Sembian Honey-Glazed Rothé Ribs, Moonshade Seafood Rice, Qualinesti Vegetable Stew, or Miner’s Pie. Pair these dishes with delicious sides like Otik’s Skillet-Fried Potatoes or Greenspear Bundles in Bacon, asparagus wrapped in everyone’s favorite food.

As your feast draws to a close, indulge in one of Heroes’ Feast’s desserts: Trolltide Candied Apples, Halfling Oatmeal Sweet Nibbles, Honey-Drizzled Cream Puffs or Black Pudding — not that black pudding (this one’s made of chocolate and espresso). And finish the evening with a D&D-style cocktail like Dwarven Mulled Wine, Delayed Blast Fireball or Potion of Restoration.

When you’re ready to set out on your next adventure, enhance the gameing experience and nourish your party with a recipe from Heroes’ Feast. With savory, sweet and deliciously nerdy treats like these, you can bring the fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons to life!

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Photo © Stefan Simchowitz

About Kyle Newman:

Kyle Newman is a writer/director whose directorial work includes Fanboys written by Ernie Cline, starring Kristen Bell and Seth Rogen; Barely Lethal, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Jessica Alba; and music videos for artists including Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. Newman also produced the critically acclaimed documentary Raiders: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made. His clients include Microsoft, Interscope Records, Starz, Coca-Cola, Entertainment Weekly and Lucasfilm.

Photo © Jon Peterson

About Jon Peterson:

Jon Peterson is a widely-recognized authority on the history of games. His book Playing at the World was called “the first serious history of the development of Dungeons & Dragons” by The Village Voice. He has contributed to academic anthologies on games including Zones of Control and the forthcoming Role-playing Game Studies: Transmedia Foundations. Jon also writes for gaming and geek culture websites including BoingBoing, the Escapist and GamaSutra, as well as his popular RPG history blog, Playing at the World.

Photo © Brian McConkey

About Michael Witwer:

Michael Witwer is a bestselling author known for his work on the Hugo-nominated Dungeons & Dragons: Art & Arcana, the critically acclaimed Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons & Dragons and Heroes’ Feast: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook. Widely considered an expert on D&D history, Michael has spoken on the topic at a variety of venues such as Google, Pixar, Lucasfilm, top gaming conventions and book festivals, and on NPR’s All Things Considered. His books have won many honors, including being selected as a Hugo Award finalist, a Diana Jones Award nominee, a Locus Award finalist and a GeekDad “Best Book of the Year.”