This week, our Facebook Live author interview series featured Susannah Marren, author of A Palm Beach Wife, interviewing Jamie Brenner, author of the new release, Summer Longing (Little, Brown and Company). Check it out on the BookTrib Facebook page!

Summer Longing is Brenner’s eagerly anticipated return to the quaint streets and windswept beaches of Provincetown, Massachusetts. This time, she weaves a story around the effects that ripple through a small, tight-knit community of women when an abandoned baby girl is found on newcomer Ruth Cooperman’s cottage doorstep.

After years of hard work and making peace with life’s compromises, Ruth is in Provincetown to buy a home and begin her retirement. She’s looking forward to a carefree summer of solitude in her waterfront beach rental. But when the baby mysteriously appears, Ruth turns to her new neighbors for help. Among them are Amelia Cabral, the matriarch who lost her own child decades earlier; Elise Douglas, owner of the tea shop who gave up her dream of becoming a mother; and teenage local Jaci Barros who feels trapped by her parents’ expectations. Ruth reaches out to her own estranged daughter, Olivia, summoning her to Provincetown, as well.

As summer unfolds and friends and family care for the infant, alliances are made, relationships are tested and secrets are uncovered. For Ruth and the women of Provincetown, the unconditional love for a child in need has many lessons to impart — about motherhood, friendship, second chances and finding your way home.