Leadership Memoir

Author, entrepreneur, award-winning Hollywood executive and a military Veteran with over three decades of service imparts lessons in leadership.

Retired Sergeant Major Keith L. Craig, a decorated combat Veteran, entertainment executive, philanthropist and author, found and fulfilled his purpose on the battlefield, on the football field and in the boardroom. He is an established leader, having served 32 years and obtained 51 awards and decorations in the United States Army, won six division championships as a professional football player and is now a leader at Walt Disney Studios, serving as a sales manager for Motion Picture Theatrical Sales and Distribution. Mr. Craig has contributed to major studio releases such as Disney’s The Lion King, Marvel’s The Black Panther, Lucas’  film Star Wars: The last Jedi, as well as Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy, and Thor Ragnarok.

Your biggest literary influences:

Colin Powell

Last book read:

48 Laws of Power by Robert Green and Superior Man by David Deida

The book that changed your life:

48 Laws of Power by Robert Green

Currently working on:

Audiobook for Serving to Lead

Words to live by:

If it’s to be, it’s up to me. 

Advice for aspiring authors:

Believe in the vision and stay focused.


“Everyone wants to win! This tome is a history of what it takes to win: Preparation. It is worthy of re-reading. The greatest men ever, some of whom have lived and some of whom are still living, have led and continue to lead by example. Sgt. Major Craig is an example of such leadership, past and present; one whom has — and continues to — prepare himself over and over to grow as a leader into the future. The reading gets a reader through the history; the re-reading gleans a leader of her or his lessons. Read on and on! And … stay steady at the ready!”
— Phillip E. Arnold, Amazon reviewer

Serving to Lead is a must read! Looking through the eyes of Sgt Major Craig bring hope deep inside oneself … his journey was consistently plague[d] with adversities, obstacles, hopelessness and pain. However, through it all they were used to create a path of worthiness. Sgt Major Craig stood tall, persevere[d] and [is] now ready to share with others … how to be a servant to others and yourself … He reminds me that God is with me all the time! Road map to freedom!”
— Gladys Littles, Amazon reviewer

“I have served with SGM Craig and deployed with him to Afghanistan. He has for years provided mentorship and sound counsel to me in military and personal matters. The lessons of leadership in his book are not only powerful … they are true!”
— Felix, Amazon reviewer