“I guess plaid pants, smart-guy glasses, clip-on ties and hats with flaps are not so bad after all.”

Having to wear an outfit like that to school would make most children cringe. But Little BK, the star of BK Fulton’s charming Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK, learns a valuable lesson decked out in exactly those clothes. It’s one of the many life nuggets the author shares in this delightful seven-book series designed to help children (4 to 14) cope with some of the typical trials and challenges of growing up.

“Little BK is an inquisitive third-grader who encounters issues that are everyday happenings for many children, especially when they are young,” says Fulton, an entrepreneur and philanthropist whose writings are based on his own childhood in Hampton, VA. “Little BK’s experiences show how it is okay to be in your own skin, and it’s okay to choose your own style. His stories will encourage children to be true to who they really are.” 


The issue of how one dresses is a theme in the series’ recently released Book 7: Represent, in which BK is attending an honors assembly but wants to “look cool” like his less studious friends on the basketball team — “crazy clothes, crazy haircuts and crazy shoes.” Not surprisingly, his parents don’t allow it.

When BK doesn’t earn the gold tassels, he tells his friends that those are for nerds. But his ball-playing friend Greg surprises him, saying, “We wanted you to represent us up there today! You are a good student AND a good ball player. We wanted you to show them that we could get gold tassels too.”

Each book in the series takes readers through a common growing-up dilemma: dealing with a bully, caring for others, outward appearances and perceptions, and holding your tongue in delicate situations.

Book 1: The First Day of School introduces us to Little BK and his experience on the first day of third grade at a new school. He is nervous the new kids won’t like him. He also decides he will be called Keith, which he feels is cooler than his first name, Brian. 

His checkered pants and flapped hat draw the attention of Grimes, the class bully, who proceeds to chase Little BK all the way home after school. That’s when BK learns the value of a trusted friend.

Both entertaining and humorous, Mr. Business uses wisdom and humor to illustrate how children can turn negatives into positives and channel their dreams into personal and professional success.

“Readers become leaders,” says Fulton. Through the eyes of Little BK, Fulton’s writing reinforces the notion that children should be themselves, no matter what.  


The series is published by Owl Publishing in partnership with Soulidifly Productions, and illustrated by Salaam Muhammad. 

Other books in the series are:

Book 2: The Science Project. BK is on his way to the science fair. But when a classmate says something that surprises him, BK has to figure out how to respond. 

Book 3: Secret Places. When BK’s grandma comes to visit, he want to show her all that he has learned in school. Instead, BK ends up with a brand new lesson about caring for others and himself. He has to turn to her when something happens to Rusty, his faithful dog. 

Book 4: My Favorite Thing. BK works smart to earn money so that he and Rusty can make their weekend run to the store for a slushy — BK’s favorite thing. One day, BK finds some old coins in the house and realizes they belong to someone else. He has to figure out what to do.

Book 5: Smart Guy Glasses. BK goes to the eye doctor with his mom to get his first pair of eyeglasses. He comes up with lots of excuses not to wear his glasses, until he learns that seeing clearly is like having a superpower. 

Book 6: The Cow. BK hears something interesting at school and shares it with his grandparents. He learns that some things are better not said, even if they are true. 

Mr. Business will appeal to countless children who work smart and try their best every day at home and at school,” says Fulton. “It also speaks to the caring adults who guide young people to be excellent.” 

Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK is available for purchase. Learn more about Fulton on his BookTrib author page.

About BK Fulton:

BK Fulton is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. In addition to Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK, he is the author of Shauna (2016), an adaptation of a poem written by Fulton when he was 16 years old and inspired by his sister Shauna, who was born with Rett Syndrome. The love-filled prose and delightful illustrations show how disabled children and adults blend in with everyone. He is CEO of Soulidifly Productions, a company with a mission to produce meaningful, uplifting stories that are entertaining and beautifully told.