“Every new day brings hope!”

Sometimes the simplest of stories carry with them the most poignant messages — especially for children.

The quote is delivered from a character with the simplest of names: A, a statue that can talk but cannot move. His words are directed at B, a beetle who has accidentally flipped on its back near the foot of A but can’t seem to flip itself back around.

That is the basic storyline in a delightful children’s book by Spiros Gratsias called A&B, the first release from wee b. books, an imprint of W. Brand Publishing.

For years, A has done what statues typically do: stand around and admire the scenery — the sea, the creatures in the sea, the sunrise and sunset. Then he notices the beetle in distress.

All the beetle needs is a tiny push, and all that A cannot provide is just that. For A cannot move. When a small beetle comes along and tries to help, it discovers it is not strong enough to flip B.

But B learns the meaning of friendship through what A is capable of doing and, in the process, shows children what friends can do to help friends.

“Don’t cry B! I will help you! Please don’t cry!” A comforted B. “I am here and everything will be OK in the morning. Every new day brings hope!”

A continues to comfort B by telling the beetle many bedtime stories trying to make B feel better.

The next morning, A, as we know, cannot move the few inches to help poor B flip right side up. But he does have the power of speech to yell for help. And that is more than enough.

Gratsias writes (and illustrates) in an easy manner to intrigue the young reader with a charming, engaging tale conveying feelings to which children can relate.

Everybody has shortcomings. A was not capable of performing what children might regard as the simplest of activities — moving a short distance to help the struggling beetle. But A was able to offer so much more, overcoming his inability to move physically by providing emotional support. And isn’t that what friendship is all about?

“Thank you A! Thank you for not giving up on me and for giving me strength and hope through this difficult night,” says B. “You are my best friend!”

A&B is now available for purchase Learn more about the author on his BookTrib author page.

Spiros Gratsias was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Spiros is an engineer, designer, artist, illustrator, screen and fiction writer. He is the screenwriter of the award-winning short film animation Inverse based on a story from his book Rootless Roots. He has also written the historical fiction The C Enigma published in 2014 and has just published his latest novel Unyielding Destiny. In his other life, he is a Research and Development executive with over forty years’ experience in the aerospace and consumer goods industry. Spiros lives in Athens, Greece and devotes much of his time to painting, illustrating and writing.