“I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people and I require the same from them.” – John Wayne in The Shootist

Imagine a boxer in the fight of his life. He’s hit again and again — sometimes even falls down — but he gets back up and keeps punching. Ron Coury is a prizefighter in the Las Vegas business world. Coury has met each blow with persistence and determination. His mantra to never give up has enabled him to overcome his opponents and thrive in his endeavors. It also would eventually give him the power to survive the ultimate fight for his life. 

In his inspiring memoir, Tenacity (Las Vegas Publishing Group), Coury chronicles how his values of courage, justice, perseverance, and determination to conquer unjust barriers enabled him to succeed in business and in life.

As for the John Wayne quote that appears in the book, Coury says, “Those few lines represent a window into the soul of a man who was a true friend to his compadres, a fierce enemy to those who might harm him or his loved ones, and an American who set standards that we could all admire and strive to emulate if we had the collective heart, mind and body to back up those motivational, yet simple, sentiments.”


Growing up in a tight-knit, tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, Coury learned to never run from adversity — you had to face it head-on. He describes his father as “a hero, standing up to bullies, fighting for what was right, and possessing a trait I dreamed I might emulate.” That’s exactly what he did.

When he was young, a neighborhood fight made a lifelong impression on Coury. It “helped mold me into a defender of right, an opponent of bullies, and someone who understood the challenge of going against the odds, as long as what I was fighting for was something I believed in.”

Then at 19, during the end of the Vietnam War, Coury enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and learned a way of living and tenacity of spirit that have sustained him through life. “I’ve found through personal experience that success in business requires many skills and talents, but none more essential than the core belief of the Marine Corps: ‘Failure is not an option’!”

With this fundamental belief system, Coury had the confidence to pursue intriguing business ventures. Coury says he had a knack for identifying models for “lack of” businesses — a self-proclaimed “niche finder” — and devoted himself to establishing businesses that would fulfill public needs. Because he embraced a demanding work ethic — working most waking hours at multiple jobs to ensure the success of each of his ventures — he owned eight businesses in and around Las Vegas by the time he was 35. 

Coury’s business acumen, hard work, and the invaluable contacts in the gaming world and bar industry resulted in success in a dangerously competitive environment. Consequently, it also resulted in those in power abusing their authority to thwart Coury’s plans. 

In Tenacity, Coury paints a picture of Sin City during the late twentieth century. The glitz and glamour of The Strip camouflaged an underbelly of lawlessness and corruption. But as Marine Corps training had taught him, he would not be bullied into submission. The fighter in Coury was ready for the bouts to begin. 

The biggest threat to Coury’s livelihood came when he was bogusly arrested for kidnapping, extortion and coercion. He’d interrogated an employee caught stealing, but a corrupt police detective and district attorney pursued charges against him. After a grueling trial, his dedication to truth prevailed, and the case was dismissed. 

Coury also encountered obstacles created by local government entities and fought many battles in court. But Coury’s connections with gaming industry professionals, law enforcement, and other bar owners created a network of allies who helped him overcome the roadblocks meant to hinder his success, and several times caused danger to his family.


Then in 2005, at the height of his success, Coury was diagnosed with aggressive esophageal cancer. With the odds once again stacked against him — the survival rate at only 8 percent — Coury promised himself he would fight or die trying. His determination and stamina would undergo the ultimate battle. He vowed to win, and as a result, “Tenacity and stamina carried me through the toughest battle imaginable.”

This memoir provides evidence of what a person can achieve through courage, resolve, and the will to overcome obstacles. Coury’s life experiences are a testament to reaching for, and grasping, the American Dream.

If you hope to be successful in life, need incentive to overcome overwhelming challenges, or are searching for encouragement to fight the ultimate battle against injustice, Tenacity could be your inspiration to enter the ring and fight.

“I was prepared to ensure that right prevailed over wrong, bullies were defeated, and justice was served. That’s what this book is about — the determination to overcome any unjust obstacles that may stand in the way of one’s dreams. In a word: tenacity.”

Never has a book been more appropriately named.

Tenacity is available for purchase. Learn more about Coury on his BookTrib author profile page.

About Ron Coury:

Ron Coury, a name well known to the business community in Southern Nevada, is an observational entrepreneur, a “niche finder,” in his words. Coury has worked as a casino dealer, later to become a casino owner, real estate agent, founder of a limousine service and a partner in bars, restaurants, major graphics and glass companies, along with several automobile dealerships. As Coury climbed the ladder toward success, he faced a barrage of constraints including political and police corruption, bribery, coercion and even death threats. Along the way, he also had a couple of offers to settle matters discreetly, with a few well-placed bullets. His choices would have life-altering consequences for many. To learn more about Ron and Tenacity, visit www.RonCouryAuthor.com.