From actress and dancer Jenna Dewan comes a vibrant message of how to elevate your life and experience beauty every day. Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance in the Everyday (Gallery Books) is an insightful vision for anyone who wants to feel better, focus on what’s important, and maintain a sense of balance – all with strength and grace.

“When it comes to living in that flow of energy we all love and strive for, to achieve the feeling of ‘I’m so grateful and joyful and life is supporting me,’ I’ve learned that ultimately it all comes down to a few simple things: the personal bond you have with yourself, the relationship you have with nature, and your connection to a greater presence.”

Dewan provides mantras to elevate your daily routine into something that excites you. She describes how to create the home into a sanctuary that inspires, how to nourish the body with positive food choices, and enrich your soul with self care, meditation and crystals. She is a certified Reiki healer and teaches how anyone can apply simple touch to help themselves feel better.

“I began writing this book in the midst of the craziest year of my life,” writes Dewan. “I went through a divorce, lost my beloved dog Lulu, and stood by the side of one of my best friends as she lost her battle with cancer.

“It was definitely a year of grief and challenges for me. But it was a year of joyful surprises as well. I learned this: You never know what you’re capable of or the level of strength you carry within you until you’ve been challenged to go beyond your limited of comfort and familiarity.”

Among the topics covered:

  • Live Awake: Setting your schedule for a balanced lifestyle
  • Sacred Space: Making, and keeping, your home as a positive space
  • Inner Beauty Rituals: Meditations and makeup to keep you feeling beautiful inside and out
  • Plant Life: Food to nourish a healthy body
  • Mind Your Business: How to make work a part of your life, not your whole life, and more clear advice on how you can cultivate happiness in every aspect of your life.

Gracefully You is available for purchase.

About Jenna Dewan:

Jenna Dewan began her dancing career touring alongside entertainers including Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott, and Ricky Martin. She first captivated audiences on-screen as a lead in the hit film Step Up, and appeared in other films such as Take the Lead and 10 Years. She also starred in several TV series, including “Witches of East End” and “Supergirl.” Dewan hosted NBC’s World of Dance for the first two seasons of the series. She recently appeared on Fox’s “The Resident.” Dewan currently resides in Los Angeles, where she is an ambassador for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Follow her on Instagram.