Attention kids and parents: the 12-year-old ludicrously rich and absolutely brilliant Artemis is back again! Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel (Disney/Hyperion) properly brings the internationally-captivating series into a new age 18 years after the series’ inception. Artistically revolutionized since the 2007 graphic novel, this printing is expertly adapted by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Stephen Gilpin. The visuals feel more immediate than tv, but just in case, Walt Disney Studios’ major motion picture adaptation will run in August 2019. Your child—and perhaps you, too—will definitely want to get the inside scoop before hitting the cinemas.

The beloved characters are well-stocked with the usual iPhones, tablets, battleships and Neutrino 2000. Artemis and friends are constantly tested as they connive against armed foes, dizzying secret languages, and hidden species. Kids may think they know Eoin Colfer’s famous troublemaker, but this new rendition will delight even his most loyal readers.

Each page is electrified with action and suspense. Each panel is jewel-like with its vibrancy and intricate details. Your kid can zip through faster than a fairy flies or can take their time studying the nuances of each frame. The movements are seamless, character designs surprising and whimsical and the dialogue witty and engrossing. Your child will follow Artemis around the world and into new dimensions, all while learning how to see opportunities in the unlikeliest of places.

One of the most rewarding aspects of following Artemis is seeing beyond his classically cool attitude to understand what is truly important to him. In an early snippet of banter while on a mission, Butler asks Artemis, “We’re not leaving her to die, are we?” to which he replies, “Of course not. A corpse is evidence.” Constantly collected and hilarious, Artemis develops emotionally with the plot while sharing deeply important wisdom on friendship, family, and sacrifice.

Artemis equally embraces technology to solve his problems while also trudging through them by hand. The deeply tactile test of his skills and endurance show just how much a kid is capable of without any outside help. He spends hours cross-testing different methods to solve a puzzle. In the end, Butler says, “It was never in doubt. What comes next?” At a time when kids are distracted by screens more than ever, our friend Artemis is a model of concentration, curiosity, and drive. He succeeds because he works hard and never lets anyone underestimate him due to his age. Most importantly, he never underestimates himself. He is always ready for the next challenge.

Like anyone else, Artemis also struggles with understanding and reacting to hardship. He is especially affected by the sadness of those he loves even when it is outside his control. Gradually, children learn to face up to their fears and accept help from others. Grief and separation undercurrent the story so that kids see how it is normal for it to bother them as time passes. As the pages turn, they see quite beautifully how money or fame cannot replace the innate urge to be connected with family or those they love. Parental relationships, in particular, are explored so the child can see the reason why they may have to spend time apart. In one section, a female police captain wakes at 5 am “to work twice as hard as any other […] for half the respect.” The captain is criticized by her boss for being a minute late due to an arduous commute. She challenges those who stereotype her due to her gender. Kids learn how a workday can stress their parents, while also seeing how a positive attitude can pay off even when one least expects it.

Want to dive into the colorful world of Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel? It is now available for purchase. And be sure not to miss the movie, coming soon to theaters!