As an athlete, the daily challenge of staying motivated can become redundant and lonely. When I wake up I can think of a million excuses as to why I should stay in bed. Since starting my mornings reading Mina Samuels’ newest book Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year: A Practical, Inspirational, Guide for Women Athletes (Skyhorse) I feel enlightened and inspired by her daily thought-provoking affirmations. This book is constructed the way our lives are built—day by day, in a series of daily reflections, often unrelated, always accumulating, which slowly knit together to create each of our unique designs.

Mina Samuels is a writer, performer, athlete, and feminist. Her previous books include, Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy LivesThe Queen of Cups and The Think Big Manifesto, co-authored with Michael Port. She has written and performed two one-woman plays: Do You Know Me? and Hazards, as well as written an ensemble play, Because I Am Your Queen. She lives in New York City and Truckee, California.

Often described as the Krista Tippett in running shoes, Mina continuously motivates her readers to be go-getters in whatever industry they please. This book isn’t just for athletes, it’s for individuals who find themselves lost and conforming to the daily notion that we must fit a certain fill. She encourages to break free of societal norms and give back to yourself, set goals, and achieve them.

“My writing explores the stories that women tell themselves and that others tell about them, the nature of our engagement with the world, and the challenge of finding balance, of enjoying a fulfilling life while also being a good person.”

The push and pull of life stretches us in every direction and wears our confidence thin. Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year has given me the confidence to give back to myself. To know I deserve to run, I deserve to say no, and I deserve to follow the path I dream of.

Mina has opened my eyes to engage in the world in a different way. Starting my day with an excerpt that lingers in my thoughts has given me the opportunity to expand my conservative thinkings. While I run I can think through Mina’s words rather than obsessing over the ever lingering what’s next? Allowing myself to live in the moment is something that used to come with guilt. Learning to balance personal and professional goals has aided not only my mental but physical health. By breaking free of my over-obsessive thinking that I need to constantly be moving, I’ve been able to put more of myself into the things I love. All in all, Mina Samuels’ Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year celebrates women and their strengths. She pushes women to be their best and inspires a can-do attitude. This practical guide is something everyone can benefit from, 365 days a year and beyond.

Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year will be available for purchase July 9, 2019.

About Mina Samuels

Mina Samuels is a freelance writer and editor. In addition to many ghostwriting projects, her previous books include a novel, The Queen of Cups, and New York Times Bestseller The Think Big Manifesto, co-authored with Michael Port. When she is not writing she might be off doing triathlons, marathons, biking, cross-country skiing, yoga, rock climbing, kayaking, snowshoeing, or hiking in far off places. You can check her out at her websiteblogFacebook or on Twitter.