Trent Shelton, former wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts may not be a household name. In fact, longtime followers of the Colts franchise might not even recognize him since he never played a game—yet Shelton has made a name for himself outside of the NFL, not in spite of his setbacks but because of them. His new book, The Greatest You (HarperCollins), encourages readers to learn from his and their own failures and to see them as potentially transformative learning experiences.

When Shelton launched #RehabTime, he never anticipated the movement taking off quite like it did. Following the birth of his son, and the unexpected death of his college roommate, Shelton was in a dark place. His pro football ambitions hadn’t panned out, and he felt woefully unprepared to be a father. He only knew two things for certain: nothing turns out the way you think it will, and nobody is too far gone. Anybody experiencing personal or professional turmoil can turn it around through “rehabbing.” Shelton would use himself as the first example, the test subject for #RehabTime.

The Greatest You compiles the best advice from Shelton’s social media movement into an accessible, step-by-step guide for personal growth. Shelton walks the reader through the stages of becoming the best versions of themselves: facing reality, releasing negativity, and, perhaps most importantly, living one’s purpose. Along the way, Shelton applies his words of wisdom to his own life, and explains how he learned from his mistakes and left the past behind him. The purpose of the inspirational narrative that runs parallel to the book’s action plan is twofold: it serves as a demonstration of the power of positive thinking, proving that change is possible, and it positions Shelton as an authority on actionable change.

At the center of #RehabTime is the notion of living one’s purpose. Shelton uses his experiences from being kicked off the Colts to shuffling around various practice teams to losing his football career, girlfriend, and roommate in a short space of time as a way of illustrating the disillusionment he felt just before he launched his social media movement. When he first uploaded a video tagged with #RehabTime, he finally began to understand what his own purpose was: he was intended to help people. Although Shelton ascribes the will of God to his mission, the motivational organization that he founded is entirely secular. Anybody can decide to better themselves by following Shelton’s guide, and this broad appeal makes it easy to see how #RehabTime attracted a following of over ten million people on social media.

The Greatest You will appeal to longtime Trent Shelton fans as well as those who are interested in his ideas but may not want to attend one of his talks. Shelton lays out a plan for self-improvement that anybody can follow. The book is at times a memoir showcasing one man’s struggle to find fulfillment and rehabilitate his own life, and the rest of the time a how-to guide for readers struggling themselves. Whether you’ve been exposed to #RehabTime before or are just now seeking some guidance, The Greatest You contains the tools to help all readers face reality, release negativity, and live their purpose.

The Greatest You is now available.

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About Trent Shelton

A former NFL wide receiver that is now considered one of the most impactful speakers of this generation, Trent Shelton reaches over 60 million people weekly through hard-hitting videos and unprecedented engagement. Though based in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and two children, Trent connects with people all over the world through his speaking engagements.