Over the last 20 years, the Case Foundation has contributed more than $100 million in funding to businesses and nonprofits that use entrepreneurship and innovation to drive social change.

As a co-founder of the foundation with her husband, Steve, Jean Case has discovered and embraced the role of being fearless as a key ingredient for everyone and anyone to realize their potential and purpose.

Jean was an early executive at America Online where she directed the marketing and branding as AOL brought the Internet to the world.

The entrepreneurial powerhouse joined us to discuss her inspiring first book, Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose where she outlines her guide to living fearlessly and why embracing your failures can lead to success.

Books in this episode:

Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose

by Jean Case (Simon & Schuster)

The Hiding Place 

by Corrie Ten Boom (Chosen Books)

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When you read Be Fearless you will see it is clear that Jean Case knows a thing or two about being fearless, making big bets, being bold and taking risks. Whether it is in her role as the first female Chairman of the National Geographic Society in its 130-year history of global exploration, as CEO of the Case Foundation, which invests in people and ideas that can change the world, or her extensive career in the private sector, including her leadership role at America Online, Inc. where she was a senior executive directing the marketing and branding as AOL brought the internet to the masses, fearlessness has always been a core tenet of Jean’s work.

As a philanthropist, investor and internet and impact investing pioneer, Jean advocates for the importance of embracing a more fearless approach to innovation and bringing about transformational breakthroughs. In addition to the roles noted above, Jean currently serves on the boards of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2) and the White House Historical Association, as well as on the advisory boards of the Brain Trust Accelerator Fund, Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society and Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation. She was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2016 and has received honorary degrees from Indiana University and George Mason University. Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose is her first book.