Dreams have become popular subjects to analyze over the years, and many psychotherapists have attested to their power of symbolized meanings. Charletta Barksdale, debut author of Desire of Whimsy (Lulu Publishing), takes the agency of dreams to a whole new level.

Barksdale bends the power of the mind to fantastical communicative dimensions, allowing one Scottish nurse to be visited in her dreams by a coma patient she cares for in the hospital. Barksdale creates a star-crossed romance only tangible at night as reality fades and the surreal starts to take form.

Echoing the title of this novella, many of the character names are whimsical in nature. Serenity, Delusion and Impedes are just a sampling of characters with unique names and unusual powers. Serenity is a Scottish nurse who lives a solitary life in Edinburgh. She is your typical nurse in many ways, but also possesses the uncanny ability to control and interpret her dreams.

Lately, Serenity has been dreaming of one mysterious man who has been visiting her while she sleeps. So far their meetings have been pleasant but fleeting. One of the main sources of joy in her waking hours is caring for a patient named Mr. Thomas, who has been in a coma for five years. Serenity talks to Mr. Thomas as if he is conscious and well. She harbors a certain infatuation with her handsome and silent patient, though they have never known each other, at least not in reality.

Mr. Thomas’ body may be anchored in Edinburgh, but another part of his being, Trance, has free reign in the world of dreams and imagination. Trance is what’s known as a drifter, someone who is neither dead nor alive that has the power to control the dreams of others. Some can will dreams to take shape in a certain setting, some drifters that have more control can actually visit the dreams.

Trance has the power to visit and feels a deep connection when he travels to Serenity’s dreams. All the drifters have no recollection of their physical past and feel fractured, like a piece of soul is missing. But as Trance spends more time with Serenity, he starts to feel emotions he never experienced. Dangerous feelings that will put him in harm’s way if his authority Impedes discovers they exist.

Serenity too finds inexplicable changes happening. Mr. Thomas has become physically responsive, making movements that have not occurred since he was admitted to the hospital. As the pair continues to meet in their dream world, their relationship deepens and they discover experiences and feelings that seem firmer than anything they have ever encountered. Desire of Whimsy is a thought-provoking read that will stretch your imagination.

Desire of Whimsy is now available for purchase.

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Charletta Barksdale was raised in Kansas City, Missouri and currently lives in Roanoke, Texas. She is a Senior Development Engineer, managing the development of code automation. She is also an Independent Published Author working on her first fiction/fantasy series.  Her passions are braiding, reading and writing ideas that come to mind in her journal. About four years ago, she decided that she wanted to take those ideas and turn them into a story.

To learn more about Charletta, visit her website.

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