The month of October brings plenty to be excited about: crisp Fall air, a slew of pumpkin-flavored beverages, and, of course, Halloween. The spooky season always draws me to books that contain elements of mystery. So, if you’re in need of some recommendations that’ll have you going to bed with the lights on, look no further.  

There’s Someone Inside Your House (Dutton) by, Stephanie Perkins 

High schooler Makani Young moved to Nebraska in order to leave behind her dark past. But, a gruesome murder – that turns into a string of murders – shakes the whole town, transforming her supposed safe haven into something straight out of a Slasher flick. Stephanie Perkins, whom you might recognize as the author of Anna and the French Kiss, has mastered the horror genre and delivers on all fronts: a gripping mystery, a steamy romance, and a goosebump-raising set of murders will have you flipping pages on the edge of your seat. Bonus: Netflix has acquired the book rights and a movie adaptation is in the works. Read it now so you’re ready to watch as soon as the movie drops.

Don’t Look Back (Hyperion) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Sam has the life that most teens dream of: she’s popular, wealthy, and has a dreamy boyfriend. The problem? She doesn’t remember it. Sam wakes up in the hospital after she and her best friend, Cassie, disappeared. She has no recollection of how she got there or anything that happened beforehand. Worse, Cassie is still missing. As Sam tries to piece together her past, she realizes that she is returning to a life she no longer wants: Cassie was more of an enemy than a friend to her and they had been horrible to anyone that wasn’t part of their clique. Though Sam is excited about the possibility of a fresh start, she also knows her buried memories may hold the key to Cassie’s fate. Unfortunately, someone else – someone who wants Sam to stay quiet – knows this too.  

Truly Devious (HarperCollins) by Maureen Johnson

Stevie Bell loves nothing more than true crime. When she is accepted to the prestigious Ellingham academy she has one goal: to solve the murder mystery that occurred there shortly after it opened. An intriguing cold case, the only clue left behind was a cruel riddle signed “Truly, Devious.” Just as Stevie is settling into her coursework and living with her housemates, tragedy strikes. Truly Devious returns to the academy, leaving one of Stevie’s classmates dead. Told from Stevie’s perspective in the present as well as covering the original murders from the past, the novel’s two mysteries intertwine as Stevie races to solve it all. “Truly Devious” is the first in a series, and the cliffhanger will leave you coveting the second book as soon as you finish it.

The Lost Causes (KCP Loft) by, Alyssa Embree Schwartz & Jessica Koosed Etting

Sabrina, Gabby, Z, Justin, and Andrew have nothing in common, except, that they’re all lost causes. Out of options, the school therapist thrusts them into group therapy with a specialist. But, she’s not really a specialist, and the water she offers them contains a serum that gives them all a psychic power. The ragtag group of misfits leave their old problems in the past, but their superhero-like powers come at a cost: they are expected to use their newfound abilities to help the FBI solve a murder that has shaken their small town. As the group investigates, they stumble upon a conspiracy that leaves them wondering if they can trust anyone other than one another. This story is what you would expect from “The Breakfast Club” meshing with a supernatural thriller, and the hunt for the truth is gripping.

These Shallow Graves (Random House) by, Jennifer Donnelly

A high society girl, Jo Montfort aspires for more than marriage to a wealthy bachelor. Feisty and passionate, she hopes to pursue a career in newspaper reporting like her idol, Nellie Bly. When her father is found dead, apparently by his own hand, Jo starts to suspect something larger at play. She teams up with Eddie, a rookie reporter looking to make a name for himself, to investigate. As Jo delves into the mystery, she must navigate her position in society, her growing feelings for Eddie, and the dark truth she uncovers about her family.

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