What is your first thought when you walk through your front door? Do you love the way the air smells like spice, or do you get a whiff of dirty sneakers? Are you calmed by the soothing gray walls or stressed by the boxes of stuff lining them? Do you feel welcomed or would you rather run away? In her debut book, Love Coming Home (Beyond Words Publishing), Jennifer Adams, also known as “The House Whisperer,” shares her wealth of interior design knowledge to transform your house into an inviting and truly personal home.

Well known for “redefining soft” and creating the ultimate sleep experience for Hollywood stars and 5-Star hotels and resorts, Adams focuses her attention on turning a house into a personal sanctuary and overcoming habits that might limit you.

Similar to Project Inspiration Boards used by designers, one of Adams’ most successful strategies is the use of Vision Boards to see your dream home. Visualization can turn your desires for the perfect home into a reinvention of the home you have now. You don’t have to wait to buy the perfect place; you can create it wherever you live!

As part of the process, Love Coming Home also includes strategies for creating a projects list, establishing and organizing a budget, money-saving tips and DIY suggestions, 11 designer’s secrets, and a Personal Design Cheat Sheet.

BookTrib got the lowdown on Adams’ unique understanding of what makes any house a place to which you will love coming home and how to create it.

BookTrib: What is the most important takeaway you want people to have after reading Love Coming Home (LCH)?

Jennifer Adams: I want to bust the misconception that you have to wait until the next house when all the conditions will somehow be perfect. You can have a home you love right now, and you don’t need a big budget to do it. “Love Coming Home” shows you how to transform your home in simple, practical ways at low or no cost. I want to empower people to believe they deserve to feel good in their home.

BT: How is LCH different from other interior design guides and books?

JA: Love Coming Home uses a unique transformational tool, a Vision Board—a picture of what your dream home looks like. I walk you step-by-step through the process of making and using a Vision Board to set precise intentions for every room in your home. I also address common insecurities, fears, and doubts that hinder us—guilt, lack of creativity or money, or fear that home transformation could hurt a relationship.

BT: LCH appears to be a self-help-for-happiness book using the home as a catalyst for improving one’s positivity and outlook on life.

JA: From the time I was a child, how I decorated my bedroom always affected my state of mind. My room, and its many looks, was always a creative source of inspiration and a reflection of my personality and dreams. I believe that a home has the power to be your sanctuary and haven, that it can influence every aspect of your life—your health, your happiness, and your relationships. It’s the one environment you can control, so why not make it a place you love?  

BT: Why is a Vision Board so important to the process of making a house into a home?

JA: A Vision Board is a powerful visualization tool I’ve used to achieve success in my life, career, and home. It helps you see what you truly want. For transforming a house into a home you love, it helps clarify what your dream home looks like and what it means to you. It also helps you build the confidence to make decisions, purchases, and improvements to your home without wasting money, time, or energy.

BT: Tell us about some of the tips you’ve used in your own home and how they caused transformations.

JA: I only keep items I absolutely love. If the item doesn’t make me feel good, I gift it to someone else who might love it.

BT: In creating one’s “best home,” how should a person use all of their senses? Why are senses other than sight so important in this process?

JA: When you walk into any environment, you experience the space with all five senses turned on; your senses interpret your world every moment, influencing your feelings, affecting your well being, and playing a profound role in creating memories. All senses working in harmony is what creates a beautiful home and that love-coming-home impression.

One way to infuse your other four senses—smell, sound, touch, and taste—into a space is to ask yourself questions, like, “What do I hear?” Then pay close attention to every sound. Ask this same question for each of the senses. You can identify what you like and don’t like, which you can then fix or change.

BT: How did your prior life as a housekeeper inspire you to get where you are today?

JA: When I was a teenager, my sister and I started a housecleaning business to earn extra money. I cleaned other people’s toilets and made their beds long before I owned my home furnishings business. I owe a lot of my knowledge of how a house works to that experience: how a home can support the needs of its occupants or not, make them happy or not. Cleaning homes also taught me to work hard and persevere and fueled my desire to help people create their dream homes.

BT: What is your favorite color palette for a room?

JA: I love white, so one of my favorite color palettes is white, charcoal, and a pale oyster tone.

BookTrib: Are there any apps you use for interior design?

JA: I’m obsessed with Pinterest.

BT: What is an interesting fact about you that readers don’t already know?

JA: I’m an introverted extrovert. As much as I like being featured on TV and in public speaking engagements, I’m actually most comfortable having time one-on-one. I also love country music.

Love Coming Home is now available for purchase.

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is an award-winning designer, author, and television personality whose passion for calm, mindful living encourages others to do so with the same authenticity. Adams produces high quality, yet attainable, products that reflect her own Southern California easy, breezy, effortless style, believing everyone deserves to have a space they love coming home to. Her creativity, content expertise, media presence and recent graduation from Harvard Business School under the OPM Program for entrepreneurship have contributed to the continued growth of her business, Home by Jennifer Adams®.