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“Love Coming Home” Author Links Happiness With Home

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What is your first thought when you walk through your front door? Do you love the way the air smells like spice, or do you get a whiff of dirty sneakers? Are you calmed by the soothing gray walls or stressed by the boxes of stuff lining them? Do you feel welcomed or would you rather run away? In her debut book, Love Coming Home (Beyond Words Publishing), Jennifer Adams, also known as “The House Whisperer,” shares her wealth of interior design knowledge to transform your house into an inviting and truly personal home. Well known for “redefining soft” and creating the ultimate sleep experience for Hollywood stars and 5-Star hotels and resorts, Adams focuses her attention on turning a house…

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Tidying doesn’t have to be tyranny: A better way to declutter for 2015

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For a while now, I’ve been ranting to myself about what I call the tyranny of neat people. It happens whenever I stumble on one of those New Year’s articles about de-cluttering your home and transforming your life. You’ll feel better, work more productively and become a more perfect human being, they say, if only your house is tidy. Here’s what I say: maybe the neat people have simply done a better job of public relations for their decidedly limited comfort zone. What if it’s the slobs of the world (including me) who are more flexible, more tolerant and more able to be happy and productive in any environment? I can function in your pristine sanctuary or my own mess;…

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