Psychological thrillers are all the rage! These books, especially by our favorite writers in the genre, are staples on best sellers lists,  raising the bar for the next author to thrill us even more. With the release of Look For Her, author Emily Winslow not only raises the bar, she kicks it out the park.

Look For Her is Winslow’s latest Keene and Frohmann Mystery Series and bears all the classic hallmarks of those books: the lush, beautiful scenery of Cambridge and the surrounding countryside, a complex and twisted plot and haunting mind-games that raise the hair on your arms.

This time, Winslow brings us to an idyllic English village where decades ago, a girl named Annalise Wood went missing on her way home from school. While her body was eventually found, her murderer wasn’t. Annalise became more than just a cautionary tale, she became a type of celebrity for the village, people speculating what happened to her – and who killed her. Now, though, new evidence has turned up: there’s DNA linking back to her murder, causing detectives Keene and Frohmann to reopen her case.

For the two cold case detectives, the more answers they get, the less clear things become, and everything they know is starting to unravel. Even whether it was really Annalise’s body that was found becomes called into question – and if it isn’t, then whose body is it? And what happened to the real Annalise?

The fourth book in the Keene and Frohmann Mystery Series, it’s clear that Winslow has become comfortable not only in her writing of the series, but in the characters, and each chapter reveals new layers of the detectives. Not only is Look For Her a fantastic mystery thriller, but it’s a sharp portrayal of grief, curiosity and jealousy. If you aren’t already reading the series, you definitely should be.

‘Look For Her’ is now available for purchase. Read below for free previews of the three previous book in the series. For more information on the author, please visit her website at


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Emily Winslow is an American living in Cambridge, England. She trained as an actor at Carnegie Mellon University’s prestigious drama conservatory and earned a master’s degree in museum studies from Seton Hall University. For six years she worked for Games magazine, creating increasingly elaborate and lavishly illustrated logic puzzles. She lives with her husband and two sons. She is the author of four novels and a memoir.


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