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Review: ‘Look For Her’ Sees the Thrilling Return of Keene and Frohmann in a Brand New Mystery

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Psychological thrillers are all the rage! These books, especially by our favorite writers in the genre, are staples on best sellers lists,  raising the bar for the next author to thrill us even more. With the release of Look For Her, author Emily Winslow not only raises the bar, she kicks it out the park. Look For Her is Winslow’s latest Keene and Frohmann Mystery Series and bears all the classic hallmarks of those books: the lush, beautiful scenery of Cambridge and the surrounding countryside, a complex and twisted plot and haunting mind-games that raise the hair on your arms. This time, Winslow brings us to an idyllic English village where decades ago, a girl named Annalise Wood went missing on her way home from school.…

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