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There’s something romantic about the change in the season, which is causing us to reach for our favorite romance novels. For those with an e-reader who are looking to start a new romance novel, why not dig into the start of a romance series that will instantly have you addicted as well as cost nothing to start? We have some suggestions for five romance novels that kick off some great series that you can get for free on your Kindle.

Tabitha, Vikki Kestell

Tabitha Vikki Kestell

This first novel in the Girls from the Mountain series revolves around the life of the fiery-tempered Tabitha Hale, who works as a nurse helping people all the time. But will her temper get in the way of her path to God as well as her job? And will her romance with the lovely Mason Carpenter blossom or fall short due to their differences in personality?


At This Moment, Karen Cimms

At This Moment Karen Cimms

Kate Daniels and Billy McDonald’s aspirations start to coincide – they both want it all. Kate wants a crazy life and lots of kids, and Billy wants to make it big in the music industry. When their lives become permanently entwined, you’ll be shocked at what happens, and be rooting for this couple who has gone through it all.


The Deadline, Lorhainne Eckhart

The Deadline Lorhainne Eckhart

In this first part to the amazing series revolving around the Friessen men, Andy Friessen works to protect his family. After moving his wife and babies away due to his threatening mother, he believes that it’s the last time he’ll have to protect them from danger – but this may not be the case. With a mixture of romance you can’t forget and thrills that will leave you hanging onto every word, this one can’t be missed!


Meredith Out of the Darkness, Amanda Gale

Meredith Out of the Darkness

In romance series Meredith, Meredith Beck leads a perfect life with a perfect job and the man of her dreams. However, when tragedy strikes, her world is turned upside down and a new love interest plays a huge role in the outcome of her life. Will things ever be normal for her again?


Betrayal, Aleatha Romig

Betrayal Aleatha Romig

In this first book of the Infidelity series, Aleatha Romig creates the unforgettable character Alexandria Collins, who meets a man that knocks her socks off by giving her a week to live completely carefree. During this week, can Alexandria make the decision to be true to herself and do what it takes to survive?


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