Say Farewell to Scandal, The Middle, New Girl and Mindy Project: Books to Remember Our Favorite Departing TV Shows

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It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to our favorite TV shows, especially after spending years falling in love with the characters and their lives. And while we hate to see one get canceled (#StillBitterAboutDeadwood), it’s also not easy to watch a beloved show come to an end by choice. At least they get to do it on their own terms though, giving us all a sense of much needed closure.

This year we have to bid farewell to some great ones. These shows have been with us season after season, introducing us to quirky heroines, offbeat families, and kickass powerhouses. We’re definitely sad to see them go, and we’re already searching for a way to fill the void. For us at Booktrib, that will always mean turning to some of our favorite reads.

Here are 4 must-watch shows that are ending this year, and the books to read when you can’t stop missing them:

New Girl, FOX

Fans were super afraid that FOX would cancel the show last season, especially since the plot seemed to be wrapping things up so neatly. Jess and Nick finally got together again at the end of Season 6, while Schmidt and Cece confirmed they were pregnant, and Winston proposed to his fellow cop girlfriend, Aly. But thankfully, the show decided to continue for just one more season. Season 7 will only have 8 episodes, and even though the premiere date hasn’t been released yet, it will most likely be in early 2018. It’s not the usual 22 episode arc, but fans (us included!) are more than happy that we get a chance to say goodbye to our favorite loft-living friends. Here’s to one last season of True American, the Douchebag Jar and so many more.

When You’re Missing New Girl, Pick Up:

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Gail Honeyman 

Eleanor Elephant is Completely Fine Gail HoneymanLike New Girl, Honeyman’s novel features a quirky cast of characters and an endearing story of friendship and love. Socially awkward Eleanor finds a makeshift family in Raymond, the IT guy from work, and Sammy, an older man they help out on the street one day. Funny and sweet, this is the perfect story for fans who are desperately missing Jessica Day.

Scandal, ABC

Oh, Scandal. You’re dramatic and intense and we’re going to miss you so, so much. On May 10th, the show announced that this year would be its last season, allowing the stellar cast and creator Shonda Rhimes to move on to new projects after 7 years of delivering the best, most scandalous plot lines on TV. From the first episode, we were instantly hooked, obsessed with seeing what new scandal crisis manager Olivia Pope would deftly handle each week. It certainly didn’t hurt that she was having a salacious affair with the very sexy (and very married) President. Since then, the show has only upped the stakes with kidnappings, private island getaways, evil mothers, evil fathers, more political drama than you can count…and the list goes on and on. Season 7 premieres October 5th on ABC and we can’t wait to see where the final season takes us, especially since Olivia has thrown off her White Hat and seemingly taken a turn for the dark side.

When You’re Missing Scandal, Pick Up:

Madam President, Nicolle Wallace 

Madam President Nicolle WallaceIt’s not easy being the most powerful person in the world – as Olivia is soon about to find out this coming season. In Madam President, Charlotte Kramer takes on the role of the 45th U.S. President, and all that it entails. Things get even more complicated when she allows a news team to trail her for a day, just as five horrifying attacks take place across the country. Secrets come to light and personal lives are exposed as Charlotte and her team fight to protect the country they love.

The Mindy Project, Hulu

Since 2012, the hilarious brainchild of Mindy Kaling has enthralled and entertained viewers. We’re not sure what life will be like without OBGYN Mindy Lahiri and her crazy cast of friends and coworkers lighting up our screen. But we’re about to find out, as the currently airing 6th season is also the show’s last. We’ve already faced the threat of no-more-Mindy before, when FOX chose to cancel the comedy in 2015, after its 3rd season. But thank god for Hulu, who stepped in and picked up the show, giving us three more years of Mindy-goodness. There are still about 7 more episodes left this season, and it even looks like there might be a return of Danny (!!) on the horizon. We’re not sure where The Mindy Project will leave us by the end, but we trust that it will be both sweet and hilarious.

When You’re Missing The Mindy Project, Pick Up:

My Not So Perfect Life, Sophia Kinsella (February 7, 2017)

My not so Perfect Life Sophie Kinsella

Kinsella routinely writes the kind of quirky and funny heroines who would make Mindy proud. Her latest book is no exception, telling the story of Katie Brenner, a struggling young woman who’s trying to shake her country upbringing and manage the jealousy she feels over her boss’s seemingly perfect life. But when Katie is fired and her former boss shows up as a guest at her family’s farm, everyone’s true secrets are finally revealed.

The Middle, ABC

The off-beat and hilarious Heck family has been delighting us since 2009, which is why we were so devastated when the show announced that Season 9, premiering October 3rd, will be their last. When it first aired, The Middle gave us flashbacks to Roseanne or Malcolm in the Middle, other family-based sitcoms where the parenting style was unique and the kids had eccentric personalities that felt all their own. But in its 8 seasons, the show has made a clear name for itself, stocked with inside jokes and just the right blend of heartfelt and hilarious family fun. We feel like we’ve grown up with Axl, Sue, and Brick – under the loving(ish) care of Frankie and Mike, of course. It will be hard to say goodbye, though it helps that the show has promised that fans will definitely love the finale.

When You’re Missing The Middle, Pick Up:

This is How it Always Is, Laurie Frankel (January 24, 2017)

This is How it Always is Laurie Frankel

Even though Frankel’s novel is a little more serious than the absurd hijinks of The Middle, both deal with slightly-eccentric families who you just can’t help but root for. The book centers on loving couple Rosie and Penn and their five sons. When their youngest, Claude, makes it clear that he’s transgender and identifies as a girl, it sets the whole family on a path of transformation and acceptance.

What show are you most sad to say goodbye to this year? Let us know in the comments!

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