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Say Farewell to Scandal, The Middle, New Girl and Mindy Project: Books to Remember Our Favorite Departing TV Shows

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It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to our favorite TV shows, especially after spending years falling in love with the characters and their lives. And while we hate to see one get canceled (#StillBitterAboutDeadwood), it’s also not easy to watch a beloved show come to an end by choice. At least they get to do it on their own terms though, giving us all a sense of much needed closure. This year we have to bid farewell to some great ones. These shows have been with us season after season, introducing us to quirky heroines, offbeat families, and kickass powerhouses. We’re definitely sad to see them go, and we’re already searching for a way to fill the void. For us…

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How to dress like Zooey Deschanel

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We’ve all seen 500 Days of Summer, that 2009 hipster-love anthem where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is whiny and romantic, and Zooey Deschanel is the manic pixie dream girl who gets away. It’s a solid story, sure, but what I remember most about the film isn’t the lovesick moping or The Smiths-heavy soundtrack—it’s the fashion. Watching this movie was the moment where I sat up and said, “Who is that girl and where can I get all of her clothes?” Because it wasn’t just the character of Summer who dressed well. In everyday life, Zooey seemed to be cultivating this unique blend of twee, vintage, and overt girliness.  Then came Jess on Fox’s “New Girl,” and the look was solidified. I desperately wanted to…

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