Game of Thrones fans rejoice! Well, maybe. Last month, George R. R. Martin announced that even though he’s still “months away” from finishing the 6th book in his epic fantasy series, it looks like it might finally be hitting shelves in 2018. In a blog post on July 22nd, Martin wrote, “I do think you will have a Westeros book from me in 2018… and who knows, maybe two. A boy can dream…”

We’d pretty much die on the spot if we got two new Song of Ice and Fire novels in a year, but at this point we’d be more than happy with just one. It’s been 6 years since we’ve read a new Westeros novel, and we’re clamoring to hear more about our favorite characters and their consuming battle for the Iron Throne. We do know some things about the upcoming story: the 6th book will be called The Winds of Winter and will include the Others (or the White Walkers) as well as at least one major battle. We. Can’t. Wait.

Luckily the 7th season of the TV version is airing right now on HBO, sating our Game of Thrones hunger before the new book is released next year. And – as pretty much everyone in the country can attest to – this season is awesome so far, kicking the conflicts into high gear and reuniting (or uniting) some of our favorite characters. Right now we’re only on episode 4, which means we’ve only got 3 left to go before the end of the season. Knowing Game of Thrones that means anything can happen. And we do mean anything.

While we impatiently wait for 2018 to come around, here are 5 major things that we are currently loving in season 7:

SPOILERS for the current season of GoT below!

All Those Stark Reunions

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It feels like we’ve been waiting a hundred years for the few remaining Stark kids to finally see each other again, especially since they all spent so much time thinking the others were dead. But this season has been the year of Stark reunions, first with Sansa and Bran meeting again, and then with Arya returning to Winterfell. And sure, Bran is a little more…scattered than the two sisters remember, but who cares? They’re finally together again. Now we just need Jon Snow back in the mix, and the original Stark family will be complete once more. Well, as complete as they can be. #StillNotOverTheRedWedding

Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen Finally Teaming Up

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For years, Jon and Daenerys have been two of the most interesting characters on the show, each becoming leaders and fighting wars on opposite ends of the world. Now they’re finally, finally in the same place and their partnership is everything we could have dreamed. Sure, Jon seems reluctant to “bend the knee,” but they’re already relying on each other for support and advice. And yeah, Daenerys may technically be Jon’s aunt (though they don’t know it yet), but we’re kind of detecting some chemistry between the two. Maybe their relationship will stop with mutual respect and support, though we all know how much GoT loves a, um, complicated relationship. Still, these two make a great pair, just as we always suspected they would.

The Dragons vs. The Lannisters

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Ever since those little dragon babies hatched, we’ve been waiting to see what they can truly do in battle. Turns out, the answer is A LOT. There’s a reason that dragons have been feared for so long, and it was pretty (horrifically) satisfying to watch them fry up the Lannisters’ soldiers in one quick blast. Jaime may have thought he stood a chance against the beast, but the injured Drogon almost toasted him in seconds. There’s been so much build up around the dragons – and Daenerys as their mother – that their first ride into battle against the Lannisters needed to be suitably epic. Thankfully, it was.

Lady Sansa Kicking Ass

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She may have started out the series as a superficial dreamer, but no one could ever call Sansa weak these days. Not only is she ruling Winterfell with smarts and grace, but she’s also deliciously snarking at Littlefinger every chance she gets. We most definitely approve of leader-Sansa, and we’d be more than happy to call her Lady Stark for the rest of our days.

Lady Olenna Also Kicking Ass Until the Bitter End

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There are a lot of deaths on GoT that have made us sad, but this season we’re mostly lamenting the loss of Lady Olenna Tyrell, the most badass grandmother in Westeros. Maybe even in history, to be honest. Blunt, hilarious, and oh-so-smart, Olenna survived a lot, including the death of her beloved granddaughter, Margaery, at the hands of Cersei and her wildfire. Olenna ultimately eats it when Jaime grants her a peaceful death by forcing her to drink poison. Still awesome to the end, Olenna uses her final words to admit to killing the sadistic King Joffrey. “Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me,” she says. BAD. ASS.

Do you agree with our top 5 favorite parts of season 7 so far? Let us know in the comments section or send us an email to [email protected]!

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