At BookTrib, we are constantly searching for the best ways to connect readers with writers, opening their eyes and worlds to fresh ideas! This is how we came across a wonderful group known as the Tall Poppies, who are not only avid readers, but extremely talented writers as well! On a weekly basis, we will be introducing many wonderful books to you straight from the Tall Poppies. Reviews are on their way!

I was shocked—shocked!—to hear that some readers out there haven’t read every single one of the forty-plus Tall Poppies out there. Then I realized, I haven’t read every single one of the forty-plus Tall Poppies out there. But how could I pick who to read next? Um… obviously, a flow chart!

So grab a glass of your favorite libation, join me and let’s flow.


If you love a book that casts a spell…

…and want to be inspired, you’ll love Julie Cantrell

…and love to practically taste a foodie book, you’ll love Susan Bishop Crispell

…and think books should be like bourbon—southern and rich—you’ll love Kimberly Brock

…and will hit you square in the heart, you’ll love Sonja Yoerg

…and want a book that sweeps you away from the everyday, you’ll love Nomi Eve


If you love laughing until wine comes out your nose…

… but it’s always Champagne, not wine, you’ll love Camille Pagan

…and you believe in happy accidents and long brunches, you’ll love Kelly Harms

…and you can’t ever decide between red and white, and don’t think you should have to, you’ll love Sally Koslow

…and agree: “Happiness is what you feel when you’ve been kind, fair, or loving in the face of hardness. It is the feeling of light that comes after behaving in the way you ultimately want,” then you’ll love Ann Garvin


If you love a trip the beach, the movie Beaches, or the drink Sex on the Beach…

… and want to escape to everywhere sunny at least once, you’ll love Anita Hughes

… and want a little tart with your sweet, you’ll love Amy Sue Nathan

…and think the Southern breezes are the best kind, you’ll love Kristy Woodson Harvey

…and love a good surprise twist, you’ll love Kate Moretti

If you loved GONE GIRL

Gone Girl Gillian’ll love Sandra Block, Amy Impellizzeri AND Kelly Simmons. And you’ll get nothing done until you’ve read all three of them cover to cover.


If you love your book club…

…and loved BIG LITTLE LIES, you’ll love Nicole Baart

…and love a Times Bestseller, you’ll love Eileen Goudge

…and are always the best dressed one there, you’ll love Susan Gloss

…and gut-level understand this: “Isn’t that life for all of us? Some darkness, some rainbows? Some fear, some courage? Some love, some loss? Yes to all of it. It is life.” … then you’ll love Cathy Lamb


If you love a soulmate story…

…and an $11 bottle of Chardonnay (Don’t lie.) You’ll love: Tina Ann Forkner

… and a classic cocktail made perfectly, you’ll love Marin Thomas

…and you can’t quit Champagne, you’ll love Andrea Lochen

…and you know a loyal animal can be a true soulmate, you’ll love Orly Konig


If you loved The Nightingale

The Nightingale Kristin Hannah…and you stay up all night reading, you love Lisa Barr

… and crying into your hankie, you’ll love Ella Joy Olson

… and a story with kick, you’ll love Kathryn Craft

…and fell in love with her writing in Courtesan, you’ll love Diane Haeger

… and demand all your authors to be award winners, you’ll love Weina Dai Randel


If you loved Me Before You (we ALL loved Me Before You)…

Me Before You Jojo MoyesYou’ll love…

Katie Rose Guest Pryal: “That was LA, a hodgepodge of classy and derelict and disco. And she loved it.”

Laura Drake: “She hadn’t thought that an innocent tree could kill a child. She hadn’t thought that an innocent co-ed could kill a marriage. And if those pills could kill the thinking, she’d take ten.”

Amy E. Reichert: “Happiness is always worth remembering, even when it was temporary.”

Kerstin March: “None of us can choose where we came from, but all of us can choose where we go.”


And if, like us, you absolutely freaking love books…

Then get yourself clicking links and pouring drinks (tea counts!) and happy reading!


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