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Where the Sweet Bird Sings Ella Joy OlsenWe never know how we’ll handle grief until we’re forced into it. In Where the Sweet Bird Sings, Ella Joy Olsen takes us to that deep place and gives the reader a beautifully rendered story that will alternately break your heart and make you hopeful.

Emma Hazelton is frozen by grief. She’s just lost her beloved grandfather a year after losing her young son to a rare genetic disease. Her husband wants to move forward with their lives and have another baby, but Emma can’t put aside the fear of passing her genetic deficiency to another child.

Unable to deal with the present or plans for the future, she immerses herself in cleaning out her grandfather’s house. An old wedding photograph of her great-grandparents leads Emma on a genealogical scavenger hunt that reveals family secrets and a new understanding of what love can be.

With elegant prose and vivid description, Olsen has created a story of loss and resilience, and the intricacies of what binds us. I fell in love with Olsen’s debut, Root, Petal, Thorn, and was surprised at the comfort I felt seeing the characters and location connected in Where the Sweet Bird Sings.


Ella Joy Olsen was born, raised and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most at home in the world of the written word, Ella spent nearly a decade on the Board of Directors for the Salt Lake City Public Library System (and four decades browsing the stacks). She is the mom of three kids ranging from just-barely-teen to just-flown-the-nest-teen, the mama of two dogs, and the wife of one patient husband.

Though she’s crazy about words, Ella is also practical so she graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Finance. After years spent waxing on about facts and figures, Ella gave up her corner cubicle and started writing fiction. Interestingly enough, Ella now teaches a course on writing historical fiction at her alma mater.

You can follow Ella on her website, Amazon author page, or connect with her on Goodreads!

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