Navy Seal Max Younger emerges from the shadows with a strange luck and an unnatural ability to kill. Plagued by fits of rage and bloody visions of his own future, Max is never certain whether he is man or monster. But when dark forces unleash an otherworldly pathogen, the monster comes out with a vengeance. Max Younger may be part angel or part demon. The line between the two runs terribly thin.

Dark Light DawnIn Dark Light Dawn, Jon Land and Fabrizio Boccardi, the team that brought the Tyrant to life, return with a new dark hero that instantly hits blockbuster status. Intense military combat and paranormal thrills slam together like peanut butter and chocolate. The two, it seems, were made for each other. The action keeps the pages turning, while interference from another realm keeps the reader in suspense. Characters come to life, either to be loved or hated—or maybe a little of both.

In his usual style, author Jon Land loads his threads like a weaver loading a loom. One by one, he winds them together into a vivid story with depth and dimension, until it seems they were never single threads at all. Characters and relationships act as both mirrors images and polar opposites, like light against dark. Competing themes of good and evil, science and religion, and destiny and free will add philosophical undertones. And mind-blowing action keeps it all moving at a breakneck pace. With a bloodied fourteen-inch tactical blade, Max Younger carves his own name into the action hero lexicon. Dark Light Dawn is a book to watch out for.


Jon Land is a bestselling author of over 25 novels, including his beloved Strong Enough to DieJon finds inspiration for his novels from extensive travel and research, as well as his twenty-five year career in martial arts. He is currently the Vice President of marketing for the International Thriller Writers (ITW) and speaks on topics regarding writing and research.



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