Introducing the ‘Book Tour with John Grisham’ Podcast, Featuring Interviews with Beloved Authors!

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If you are an avid fan of the beloved author John Grisham, here’s some exciting news for you: we are sharing the podcast he is recording on his Book Tour where he invites readers and fans alike to listen to what other authors have in store, his current works, and so much more. Grisham has been putting great focus on his new novel Camino Islanda fiction novel about a stolen F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscript on the black market. Because a book tour like this hasn’t happened in 25 years, it is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from some of your favorite authors, from David Grann, Ann Patchett, Jodi Picoult, and Harlan Coben, to Greg Isles, Lisa Scottoline, Ace Atkins, and many more!

John Grisham Camino Island If you are a reader who has fallen in love with John Grisham’s thrilling novels, then this is the podcast for you. Perhaps John Grisham first captivated you through his raw, realistic characters in books like Witness to a Trial or Rogue Lawyergiving the legal aspect of life a new definition! His long-awaited Camino Island is a new hit that fascinates readers as it follows thieves who take a priceless book from Princeton University’s Firestone Library — it’s a thriller you’re sure to remember forever! Grisham’s writing has labeled him as a New York Times No. 1 bestseller and he’s excited to share his experiences, along with many other beloved authors, in this wonderful new podcast.

In ‘Book Tour with John Grisham’, we hear not only the latest and greatest regarding the bookselling of many authors, but also information on the latest and upcoming publishing Hollywood talk, the writing life of many of your favorite authors, and some fun interaction from listeners as well.

This week, Grisham talks with bestselling author, Jodi Picoult at his first book tour stop in Manchester Center, VT in front of a live audience. Have a seat and take a listen to hear from John Grisham and your other favorite authors. Check back on BookTrib each week for a new episode!

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