The Oola Life

Rolling into a city near you!

Ever heard of the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul®? It’s one of the world’s most recognized titles of all time. Well, Oola is being called the “Chicken Soup for the Next Generation.”

As a matter of fact, Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, said, “Oola for Women is the success formula for a new generation…Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl will change the world with Oola.” That’s a pretty great endorsement don’t you think?

Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl oola

OolaGuru and OolaSeeker with their 1970 VW Bus

So, how do I get Oola?

Good question! First you need to know what Oola is. According to Troy Amdahl (@OolaGuru) and Dave Braun (@OolaSeeker), Oola, is the state of awesomeness when your life is balanced and growing in the seven key areas of life – the 7 F’s of Oola – fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun.

oola for womenSo, how can you have the OolaLifestyle?

The OolaGuru and the OolaSeeker are renowned experts in goal-setting, creating a proper work-life balance and committed to changing the world with their simple, yet life-changing message with a single word – you got it—Oola!

Now they are getting ready to publish, Oola for Women (HCI Books, May 2, 2017), which, as they put it, “If you are like most women, you’re like a circus performer carrying out a juggling act of work, family and home life. Your days are short and your to-do list is long.”

This book shows, through the experiences of 42 inspiring women, how to overcome unexpected hardships and transform the juggling act of everyday life into a dream lifestyle of simplicity, abundance and opportunity. The plan, hope and purpose of their new book is to inspire and empower women from around the world to remove what is blocking them and reveal that unique awesomeness that is within them. This is something everyone can get behind.

Living a life of less stress, more balance and greater purpose begins here. You can find Oola For Women at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Booksamillion and everywhere else great books are sold.

To promote the publication of their book, they are traveling to 17 cities across the United States in what they are calling their soul-affirming “Dream Tour.” The goal is to collect one million dreams in the form of handwritten stickers on the side of a vintage 1970 VW Surf Bus.

OolaDreamTour-mapBy inspiring positive change, the OolaGuys are on a mission to guide people toward finding more balance and growth in those 7 key areas of life and by removing the stress from a life out of balance. Once you’ve achieved this, you will be able to reveal the greatness and purpose that is inside all of us. A better “you” makes a better family, a better community, and ultimately a better world.

oola dreamsWant to know more about the OolaLifestyle?!
Check out this recent video interview and watch the video below!