Fifty Shades Darker is officially out today, February 10, and we’ve already bought our tickets. And popcorn. And maybe even a silk tie or two.

Can you blame us? Based on the bestselling book series by E.L. James, the sequel to 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey movie looks sexier, sleeker and filled with enough romance to make anyone swoon.

This time around Christian Grey (James Dornan) is finally ready to allow Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) fully into his life, assuming she’ll give him another chance. But the submissive girl finally has her own demands, and she’s no longer willing to play by Christian’s rules. The two seem happier than ever with their relationship, until a mysterious figure from Christian’s past shows up and threatens everything they’ve built together.

Fans of the book series already know how all of this will play out, but the rest of you should get ready for some crazy hot scenes, a much sweeter Christian, and a couple that you can’t help but root for to have an HEA.

When the movie is finished and you’re craving even more Fifty Shades awesomeness, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are four sexy books that any Christian Grey fan is sure to adore:

Grey, E L James (Vintage, June 18, 2015)


If you’ve read (and reread) James’ series, have no fear — it’s not over yet. She’s currently working on retelling each book through the perspective of our mysterious leading man. In the first edition, which came out in 2015, we get the events from Fifty Shades of Grey filtered through Christian’s experience. See Anastasia through his eyes, learn about his instant attraction and why his past kept him guarded for so long. Since Christian has always been mysterious and hard to read, this edition to the series feels like an insider look into the secret world that was always surrounding Ana’s story. James is in the process of writing Fifty Shades Darker from Grey’s perspective too, which will hopefully come out next year.


Crown of Lies, Pepper Winters (January 29, 2017)


Winter is known for her complex erotic novels that explore dark themes while still leaving you hot and bothered. In Crown of Lies, Elle Charleston is a naïve, sheltered heiress who doesn’t know much about the world. When she sneaks out one night, things go horribly and dangerously wrong. A mysterious man saves her only to vanish almost immediately, leaving her brokenhearted. Three years later, she’s running a successful company, but still can’t get that man out of her head. Then another man, Penn Everett, enters her life. He’s the one who’s been picked for her, and he has more secrets than she can count. Elle has to decide what future she wants, but things only get more complicated. Which man will she choose? And how will she forget the memory of the one who saved her? Luckily, the sequel to this sexy and suspenseful read is coming out later this month.


Separation Games, CD Reiss (Flip City Media, January 3, 2017)


This is the second book in Reiss’ series, The Games Duet. If you like dark, complicated — but oh, so sexy — relationships, then you definitely need to pick up these books. In this conclusion, Adam and Diana are still trying to navigate their broken marriage. After Diana asked for a divorce in Marriage Games, Adam convinced her to give him 30 days where she would do whatever he demanded. In Separation Games the couple only has two weeks left, and they seem more fractured than ever — especially since Dominant Adam unlocked Diana’s submissive side in the bedroom. But Adam is convinced he can never love a submissive, even if she happens to be his wife. Now it’s Diana’s turn to fight for their marriage, or for both of them to realize it’s finally time to walk away.


The Deep End, Kristen Ashley (St. Martin’s Griffin, March 7, 2017)

the deep end

Sure, it’s fun to read about Ana submitting to Christian’s will in a very sexy way. But it’s also fun to imagine their roles reversed, which is exactly the dynamic Ashley explores in her new series. The Honey club is exclusive, high-end, and devoted to exploring fantasies; in this case, what it means to be both an alpha male and sexually submissive. Olivier joins the club on a whim, curious about his own secret desires. And when he meets Amélie, he quickly realizes that he’s finally ready to make his fantasies a reality. The two grow closer, both physically and emotionally as they discover trust and desire in one another. But when Olivier’s past comes to light, the two will be tested in ways they never expected.