Rupert Isaacson’s ‘The Long Ride Home’ Follows an Autistic Boy’s Journey Around the World

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the long ride home-rupert-isaacsonOne year after Rupert Isaacson, founder of The Horse Boy Foundation, and Autistic son Rowan met with a shaman in Mongolia in the hopes of somehow helping Rowan (a story you can read about in Isaacson’s first book, The Horse Boy), Isaacson started to notice that his son’s behavior was regressing, despite the significant improvement he showed after leaving Mongolia. It was clear that something was missing, and then Isaacson recalled the shaman telling him Rowan would need to experience three other healing journeys.

In The Long Ride Home (Horse Boy Press, March 3), Isaacson shares the life-changing trek from Africa to Australia and back to the United States that changed not only Rowan’s life but the entire family’s life as well. Chock-full of pictures that give you a rare glimpse into a way of life most are not familiar with, The Long Ride Home offers insight, honesty and discovery.

As 2016’s National Autism Awareness Month comes to a close, we had to highlight the extraordinary journey that Isaacson details in his second book following Rowan’s trip around the world. It’s a story of love, hope, healing and acceptance and one that every family with a child on the Autism spectrum should read.

If you haven’t watched it yet and you want to hear more about Isaacson and Rowan’s journey, check out our live chat with Isaacson below!

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