Books for TV Addicts: Fans of The Blacklist need a summer fix

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It never fails. Every time I start to like a show, it gets canceled. Dear The Blacklist, please don’t break my heart.

In the past year, I had to watch the disappearance of three great shows I really enjoyed: ForeverManhattan Love Story, and State of Affairs. Sadly, Downton Abbey will end after Season 6 and we’re still waiting on the next season of Sherlock. I still have Castle, which is great, but dating back to the days of Keen Eddie (another show I liked, which got canned in favor of Temptation Island, I believe), my shows tend to disappear.

Thankfully, though, one of my new favorites is coming back. NBC’s The Blacklist will return for a third season and I can’t wait to see where Raymond “Red” Reddington, one of television’s most intriguing characters, goes from here. I’m old enough to remember James Spader in the ’80s, when he always managed to play a cocky antagonist perfectly. Now, an older Spader has molded that cockiness into a conflicted, interesting, undeniably appealing character that I just can’t get enough of.

The show that focuses on shadow governments and how everything might be manipulated by higher powers is just plain captivating. And I think we’re all wondering what Red’s relationship really is with Elizabeth Keene (who he always referring to as Lizzy). I think everyone thought he was her father, but given the last episode, he’s looking more like her uncle, right? Can’t wait to find out!

But we need to wait for Season 3. So, here are three books to keep you occupied:

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