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Books for TV Addicts: Fans of The Blacklist need a summer fix

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It never fails. Every time I start to like a show, it gets canceled. Dear The Blacklist, please don’t break my heart. In the past year, I had to watch the disappearance of three great shows I really enjoyed: Forever, Manhattan Love Story, and State of Affairs. Sadly, Downton Abbey will end after Season 6 and we’re still waiting on the next season of Sherlock. I still have Castle, which is great, but dating back to the days of Keen Eddie (another show I liked, which got canned in favor of Temptation Island, I believe), my shows tend to disappear. Thankfully, though, one of my new favorites is coming back. NBC’s The Blacklist will return for a third season and I can’t wait to see where Raymond “Red” Reddington, one…

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