July is upon us, which means it’s officially vacation season! Time to go sit on a beach in an adorable swimsuit, drink cocktails, and maybe invest in a floppy hat. Need some fashion inspiration this year? No one does beachwear like classic movies, especially vacation films. You know the ones – where Cary Grant is gallivanting around Europe with a perfectly-dressed starlet, or Gidget is on a beach somewhere rocking a retro two-piece while she pretends to balance on a surfboard.

Here are four modern outfits inspired by classic vacation movies:

Roman Holiday

This movie is a classic for a reason – mostly because of Audrey Hepburn’s impeccable fashion. She looks so fresh, tailored and feminine in every scene, making it the perfect style to try and update for a more modern look. We’ve kept the silhouette by pairing a pale yellow button-down with a midi-length skirt in an eye-popping print. I also love the cute accessories: heart-shaped sunglasses, a subtle bow on the clutch, and adorable matching daisy hairpins. And if you want even more classic Audrey style, check out Pamela Keogh’s What Would Audrey Do, for tips on fashion and life from Hepburn herself.

Beach Party

I adore old beach movies from the ‘60s; I might be the only person on earth who actually owns a copy of Gidget Goes Hawaiian. One of the best beach movies is Beach Party, starring the original Disney teen star, Annette Funicello. The style in this movie is all cigarette pants, high-waisted bikini bottoms, and cropped shirts. A more modern take keeps those retro elements and adds a few trendy touches – like a bright cut-out dress and mint oxfords. Still, we have to have some nods to beach culture with a shell-inspired suit, and a big tote to throw your towel in.

To Catch a Thief

Grace Kelly is the epitome of elegance and she spends most of this classic movie darting around the French Riviera in wispy floor-length ball-gowns and perfectly tailored sundresses. But it’s this black-and-white beachwear that really showcases her then-cutting-edge style. Our modern take incorporates the stark color scheme with some updated touches – like sky-high wedges and a peek-a-boo skirt.

Bonnie and Clyde

Faye Dunaway is so amazing beautiful in this 1967 film with her fitted sweaters and slouchy berets. Our updated version keeps the 1930s vibe, with pleated shorts, classic heels, and a retro-style T-shirt. Also love the infinity ring for this tragically romantic lady.

Want more style from classic films? Check out Caroline Young’s Classic Hollywood Style. It’s the perfect way to make your summer vacation unforgettably glamorous.