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How ‘War Babies’ like Al Pacino changed America

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Don’t look now, but a new generation of Americans is taking over—taking over our politics, our lives and our very culture. That’s right, the Baby Boomers, the group about which so much has been written and discussed, is slowly losing its once iron-clad grip on the way our society is run as it gives way to Generation X. You can see the effects of that change everywhere, from politics to movies to music. And right behind Gen X are the Millennials, waiting to have their turn at the forefront of civilization. There’s a generation, however, upon which our current society was built, a generation without whose contribution America would be a vastly different place. It’s a generation that author and…

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Look marvelous on beach and boardwalk thanks to vintage vacation style

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July is upon us, which means it’s officially vacation season! Time to go sit on a beach in an adorable swimsuit, drink cocktails, and maybe invest in a floppy hat. Need some fashion inspiration this year? No one does beachwear like classic movies, especially vacation films. You know the ones – where Cary Grant is gallivanting around Europe with a perfectly-dressed starlet, or Gidget is on a beach somewhere rocking a retro two-piece while she pretends to balance on a surfboard. Here are four modern outfits inspired by classic vacation movies: Roman Holiday This movie is a classic for a reason – mostly because of Audrey Hepburn’s impeccable fashion. She looks so fresh, tailored and feminine in every scene, making…

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