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YONKERS Yonkers: A Story of Race and Redemption

‘Yonkers Yonkers!’: Patricia Vaccarino’s New Book Explores Racial Tensions and Friendship during Woodstock

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Author and PR specialist Patricia Vaccarino’s new book, YONKERS Yonkers! A Story of Race and Redemption, is an enriching and beautiful narrative of friendship, breaking social boundaries, and music. In the time of Woodstock, the Vietnam War, the Rolling Stones and more, YONKERS Yonkers! looks at social and racial conventions of a tumultuous and changing time period. Concetta Mary Bernadette Colangelo, aka Cookie, is not your typical protagonist. Small-time drug dealer, and big-time trouble, she may be a self-described gangster, but there’s nothing she wants more than to go to Woodstock and meet Alan ‘Blind Owl’ Wilson from the band Canned Heat, whom she thinks she looks like, and believes will understand her in a way no one else can. With a mentally ill mother,…

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