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‘How to Get Away With Murder’: Books That Keep You Guessing Who’s Next

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Soapy and twisty, one of our favorites, How to Get Away With Murder, is everything you could want out of a Shonda Rhimes-helmed show. Complicated defense attorney Annalise Keating is the glue that holds it all together as she kicks ass in the courtroom, deals with her crazy and meddling students, and tries not to crack under the pressure of all those murders. Played by Davis, Annalise is the type of character we don’t quite fully like (or hate), but who we’re still rooting for anyway. Season 4 airs tonight on ABC and we’re already taking bets on just who might end up murdered this year. Davis was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for this year’s 69th Emmy…

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Transformation & Self-Realization in Nicole Krauss’ ‘Forest Dark’

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Just the Right Book! Podcast, hosted by Roxanne Coady of Connecticut’s acclaimed, award-winning, independent bookseller R.J. Julia, is now available on BookTrib.com, the premier website where readers meet writers. The podcast and BookTrib are both dedicated to helping readers find their next favorite read and this pairing will open up a world of great possibilities. In this week’s episode of Just the Right Book!, episode 44, Roxanne Coady sits down with Nicole Krauss to talk about her newest novel, Forest Dark. Nicole Krauss is known to be an award-winning, best-selling author who appeared on the New Yorker’s list of “20 Under 40.” Forest Dark has been claimed as “elegant, provocative, and mesmerizing.” Krauss has written a variety of famous novels over the years such as Man Walks…

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‘What Happened’ When BookTrib Attended Hillary Clinton’s Book Signing in Brookfield, CT

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“…I was up on a wire without a net. Now I’m letting my guard down.”                      ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton Whether you voted for her or not, like her or don’t like her, the fact remains that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a part of the fabric of our American history. A cultural icon, former First Lady, New York Senator and Secretary of State, Clinton also became the first-ever woman to be nominated for President of the United States by a major political party. Though she may have not shattered that glass ceiling as many had hoped, she sure put a gazillion cracks in it.  And, except for former President Barack Obama, Clinton received more votes – 65,844,610 – than any other presidential…

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