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“Fear The Reaper” – A Terrifying Truth Hiding in a Novel

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Ten percent. That’s the number of the population deemed unfit to belong. In Fear the Reaper (Macabre Ink) by David Simms, this frightening novel recounts the American Eugenics Movement in the 1930s, a dark secret in our country’s history. Psychologist Sam Taylor has developed a test to identify people with mental illness for whom therapy would help them lead more productive lives. After losing his wife and infant son, he agrees to join Dr. Joseph Dejarnette at Western Valley Hospital in rural Virginia to implement his test. Sam’s only intention is to “help those who needed the treatment they sought to improve society.” He never imagines it will be used to weed out people who The Society believes are unfit—people…

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Independent Bookstores You Need to Visit on a Summer Getaway

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In a country of big corporations and homogenized megastores, the little shop down the street has become all too rare. Everywhere I go I try to find that bookstore where I can have my own little keepsake; My own memory of the places I’ve been to. Since Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, here are five independent bookstores that you should visit on a long weekend (like this one) or on a summer getaway. Mermaid Books: Williamsburg, VA On a Saturday morning after having a much needed breakfast by the William and Mary campus, I came across Mermaid Books. Resting below a flight of stairs leading to a basement, this little store sells all kinds of vintage used books. In a…

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