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5 Sci-Fi Novels to Get You Hyped for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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The entire nerd-world is foaming at the mouth over Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We hope the movie will be all that and a bag of chips, and based on the teasers, trailer and set photos, it’s shaping up to be everything fans hope it will be (despite any prequel-related PTSD). However, during the excruciating wait for the film’s premiere on December 18, why not feast your brain on a great science fiction novel? Most sci-fi experts will tell you to read Foundation and Dune (if you haven’t read them, get off the internet and read them now. I’ll wait.), but there are some less-obvious choices that will appeal to Star Wars fans for the same reasons they love the…

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Smart Reads: Real Life Heroes, Villains and Monsters

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Villains and monsters are so much more frightening in the world of non-fiction. While we can reassure ourselves that the horrors of fiction aren’t real and sleep with the lights on, the comfort in non-fiction lies in the books themselves. By shining a light on the darkest hearts we lessen their hold upon us. At the same time, heroes are burnished in the spotlight’s glow, reminding us that good can ultimately prevail. This week we have five Smart Reads about the heroes, villains and monsters who have walked among us: My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem (Random House, October 27, 2015) “Rarely do women have the opportunity to travel as Steinem has done—living a life full of radical…

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