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Top 10 Sylvia Day Books that Keep Us Coming Back for More!

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One thing we learned from our “Perfect Book Boyfriends We Wish Existed in Real Life” article is that you’re all just as obsessed with Sylvia Day as we are. And who can blame us? Day’s writing sucks you into her worlds, making you fall hard for both her stories and the sexy men at the heart of them. We could read Day, well, all day, any day. Since our Day love is most definitely mutual, we’ve decided to put together a top 10 round up of our favorite Sylvia Day novels. From erotica to paranormal to historical romance, this author clearly knows her stuff. Here’s our top 10 – let us know yours in the comments! Bared to You: Book 1 in…

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Dreaming of kidnapping: Hilary Davidson’s BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS

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I must confess: I have a strange relationship with kidnapping stories. In my teens there was this author who wrote a series of novels involving a series of pretty (but still accessibly clumsy or insecure) women who often found themselves whisked away against their will by dark, dangerous (but still ruggedly handsome) men. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but they all ended up in love. Every. Single. One of them. And man, did I eat these novels up. I tore through them, one after another. I couldn’t get enough. It never once occurred to me that being taken by force was maybe not the best way to start a romantic relationship. Then I went to college and…

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