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Howard Michael Gould’s Hollywood Thriller “Last Looks”

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“What a world the man lived in: Phony friends with phony laughter, phony police walking phony streets, phony adversaries throwing phony punches after phony kisses from phony lovers.” Those are the thoughts of Charlie Waldo, an ex-cop who’s gotten sucked into a Hollywood murder case, in Howard Michael Gould’s first novel, Last Looks (Dutton). A one-time super-cop who spectacularly messed up a triple-murder investigation, he reacted to it all by burning his life down and retreating to the woods, where he lives alone in a tiny cabin and owns exactly one hundred possessions – if anything new is added, something else has to go. Alone, that is, until an old girlfriend and PI named Lorena drives out to recruit his help…

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Cooking with the Stars!

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It’s always exciting to hear about the secret talents of your favorite celebrities, especially when those talents include making delicious meals. Whether it’s Chrissy Teigen‘s home-style recipe for banana bread or Patti Labelle’s mouthwatering desserts, we can’t get enough of celebrity cookbooks these days. Sprinkled with intimate stories and culinary adventures, these cookbooks are a great way to learn more about your favorite stars, and to get some awesome new ideas for the kitchen. Here are 6 of our favorites: Cooking with Zac, Zac Posen (Rodale Books, October 10, 2017) It turns out Posen isn’t just a designer of clothes, he also knows how to make it work in the kitchen. Cooking with Zac combines sophisticated recipes with more homey…

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