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Chill Out: 5 Books to Distract You from Your Sunburn

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As a ginger, I happen to be aware of one of life’s fundamental truths: sunburn seriously sucks. From hot discomfort to peeling like a molting snake in the rain forest, having sunburn is frightfully unpleasant. However, in addition to light exfoliation with a warm wash cloth and gentle soap, I can also recommend a book for every occasion to keep your mind off your itchy, fire-engine red skin! Take a look: A Freezing Thriller: Cold (A Joe Tiplady Thriller), John Sweeney (Thomas & Mercer, July 1, 2016) You won’t even think about itching your peeling shoulders while sinking into this espionage thriller, which is cold in more ways than one. This hard-edged novel follows Joe, a special needs teacher with…

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#Thrillerfest16 is Happening Now! Thrillers that Get Our Pulse Racing

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It’s that time of year again: Thrillerfest ’16 is here and in full swing! Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing keeping most of us up at night it’s a scary movie or book. There’s just something about that thrill that really gets our heart racing. So, of course, it only seems fitting that not only do we fall for a great thriller book, but in turn, we fall for the author of that book, too. Most of readers have a preference when it comes to any author in general. There are some people who read more of one author than another, some authors you may just be discovering, and some that you’re just so completely obsessed with, you’re on the edge of your seat until…

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