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Kazuo Ishiguro and 6 More Works by Asian Writers

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There is a growing demand for talented writers in the workplace. The BookTrib Writer-In-Residence Program is an exciting paid opportunity for new writers to hone their skills and prepare for a career in journalism, publishing, marketing, public relations or any other profession that values good writing. Jessica (Jo) Chang is one our two 2017 Writers-in-Residence. Read this exciting piece on the works of contemporary Asian authors by Ms. Chang.   Kazuo Ishiguro, recent recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is hailed for his grasp on prose that addresses the ideas of past and present, reality and fantasy, and what it means to be on the side of each dichotomy. Though his more well-known works include Never Let Me Go and The Remains…

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TED Talk: Safwat Saleem Urges You to Find Your Voice — Plus, a Helpful Book List

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Finding a voice to fit your identity is never easy. However, artist, designer and animator Safwat Saleem, had a particularly difficult time, struggling with anxiety about his childhood stutter. In this thought-provoking, heartfelt and adorably animated talk from TED 2016, Saleem describes how he overcame his struggle to incorporate his voice into his artwork, not only through childhood, but in the face of rude YouTube commenters who ridiculed his Pakistani accent as an adult. Instead of letting ill-mannered commenters keep him from using his own voice in his work, Saleem rather unpacks the reasons behind those comments: differing definitions of “normality” that lead to preconceived notions. Saleem resolves to use his art to challenge those preconceived notions, which is about…

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